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Scott Decksheimer, CFRE,Andrea McManus, CFRE and Krishan Mehta before their appearance at the Special Senate Committee on the Charitable Sector.

AFP Policy Priorities

  • Designate a federal department—the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development (formerly Industry Canada)—to have economic policy responsibility for the nonprofit sector. In doing so, it would provide a better framework to develop data-driven, charitable giving policies that would in turn foster a stronger nonprofit sector.
  • Allocate $1 million annually to Statistics Canada, for the purpose of collecting, analyzing and disseminating comprehensive data about the nonprofit sector, as proposed by Imagine Canada.
  • Permanently eliminate the capital gains tax on charitable gifts of private company shares and real estate. It has been estimated that this proposal would enable the charitable sector to access an estimated $170 to $225 million of incremental funding from the private sector with a tax revenue cost to the government of only $50 to $65 million.

The Special Senate Committee on the Charitable Sector, established in January 2018 and led by Senator Terry Mercer (Liberal, NS – North End), was struck to study the challenges that our sector faces. This committee's report outlines 42 recommendations for our sector. AFP Canada contributed to this committee's work as follows:

Day in the Ridings Overview 

Day in the Ridings is an initiative that involves members from across Canada. It's a great way to get involved in your community! Local AFP members, just like you, visit MPs in their ridings to introduce them to AFP and to show them how we can be a resource. All AFP members in Canada are encouraged to take part. Meet a local politician in your riding and see what a difference you can make! The benefits to holding these meetings include:

  • Educating politicians about the importance of the nonprofit sector and the fundraising profession
  • Educating politicians about the local impact of philanthropy and policy decisions
  • Giving our members the opportunity to be involved in public policy work

Join us in advancing our profession in Canada by contacting your chapter and signing up. 


National Philanthropy Day®, officially November 15 every year, pays tribute to the extraordinary contribution that those involved in the philanthropic process have made to our communities. In 2012, Canada became the first—and remains the only—country in the world to recognize this day. Throughout November, more than 50,000 people across North America celebrate National Philanthropy Day® by recognizing the extraordinary generosity and dedication of donors, volunteers and charities. Contact your chapter to find out how your community is celebrating!


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