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Books currently in the AFP Fund Development Series:

Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding: Seven Principles for Powering Extraordinary Results
Jocelyne Daw, Carol Cone
ISBN: 978-0-470-28691-3

At a time of intense competition, low barrier to entry, and lightning-quick brand recognition, leading nonprofits are building more value-rich branding programs. They are proactively creating business models that bring their brand to life in the hearts and minds of their stakeholders. Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding demonstrates how a constituency-focused, compelling brand can revolutionize an organization and the way people view and support it.

*new* The Nonprofit Development Companion: A Workbook for Fundraising Success
Brydon M. DeWitt
ISBN: 978-0-470-58698-3

One of the most significant factors in the success of any fundraising program is the ability and willingness of the organization to take the time to develop an integrated development plan with realistic budgets, timelines, and areas of responsibility. A celebration of the nonprofit world and the individuals who dedicate their lives and their talents to serving others, The Nonprofit Development Companion: A Workbook for Fundraising Success examines all aspects of nonprofit development and includes immediately useable templates and examples in each chapter. Divided into the ten basic elements of creating and operating a rewarding program to raise friends and funds, each chapter in The Nonprofit Development Companion covers a specific element, including mission, strategic planning, case for support, and marketing/communications.

Beyond Fund Raising: New Strategies for Nonprofit Innovation and Investment
Kay Sprinkel Grace, CFRE
ISBN 0-471-16232-9

Inspirational yet practical, this book teaches you how to "put away the tin cup" and take fundraising to a new level. An experienced fundraising consultant and volunteer, Grace shows you how to establish a true relationship between philanthropy, development, and fundraising. You will also get forms, checklists, and flow charts to help you understand, visualize, and incorporate this new philosophy into your own nonprofit organization.

Capital Campaigns from the Ground Up: How Nonprofits Can Have the Buildings of Their Dreams 
Stanley Weinstein, ACFRE
ISBN 0-471-22079-5

The nonprofit leader's complete source on setting, pursuing, and meeting building campaign goals Nonprofit veteran Stanley Weinstein's Capital Campaigns from the Ground Up gives decision-makers the guidance they need to accomplish one of the most important steps in the growth of an organization: the campaign for funding and completing a significant building project. Whether for arts-, religious-, education-, healthcare-, preservation-, or social service-related projects, this book lays out a detailed road map for successfully managing all aspects of project realization. Moving easily from preparation to design to fundraising, Capital Campaigns from the Ground Up presents a comprehensive approach to coordinating these efforts.

Careers in Fundraising
Lilya Wagner, Ed. D., CFRE
ISBN 0-471-40359-8

Careers in Fundraising provides expert guidance on professional opportunities in the field of fundraising, including topics on professional development, on-the-job issues, and the significance of fundraising as a career. This comprehensive resource covers all aspects of the profession, and also addresses the personal mission and commitment necessary for success in the field.

Cause Marketing for Nonprofits: Partner for Purpose, Passion, and Profits 
Jocelyne Daw 
ISBN: 0-471-71750-9

Cause Marketing for Nonprofits: Partner for Purpose, Passion, and Profits is the definitive hands-on guide to cause marketing for nonprofits. When first launched over twenty-five years ago, cause marketing was viewed as a fledgling idea. Today, it is a global phenomenon that has developed into a new way for businesses and nonprofit causes to partner to achieve mutual benefits. Done with care and thought, cause marketing can be a powerful tool to help nonprofit organizations achieve their mission, build their brand, generate revenue, increase awareness, engage individuals, change behavior and attitudes, and make a difference in their community. It can help companies increase their bottom line, attract employees, create pride, appeal to customers and stakeholders, and secure the license they need to operate in many markets. Cause Marketing for Nonprofits provides the insights and tools needed to successfully partner for purpose, passion, and profits.

The Complete Guide to Fundraising Management, Third Edition
Stanley Weinstein, ACFRE
ISBN: 978-0-470-37506-8

There are now more than 1 million nonprofit organizations in the United States, and the fundraising industry is one of the fastest-growing segments of the economy. The Complete Guide to Fundraising Management presents step-by-step guidance on planning, self-assessment, continual improvement, cost effective fundraising strategies and much more. An accompanying CD-ROM contains checklists, grids, and sample forms. Plus, the Third Edition adds a chapter on internet fundraising as well as updated statistics. Fundraising professionals will benefit from the practical advice on managing the complexities of a development office.

Critical Issues in Fund Raising
Dwight F. Burlingame, Ph.D., CFRE, editor
ISBN 0-471-17465-3

Examines the most pressing issues facing fundraising professionals today. Extensive chapters cover donors, innovative fundraising, marketing, financial management, ethics, international philanthropy, and the fundraising professional. Written by a team of highly respected practitioners and educators, this book was developed in conjunction with AFP, the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education, the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action, and the Indiana University Center on Philanthropy.

Cultivating Diversity in Fundraising
Janice Gow Pettey, CFRE
ISBN 0-471- 40361-X

Cultivating Diversity in Fundraising offers an overview in cultivating successful fund raising and an enhanced understanding of philanthropic motivation in four selected racial/ethnic populations--African American, Asian American (Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, and South Asian), Hispanic/Latino (Cuban, Dominican, El Salvador, Mexican, and Puerto Rican), and Native American. By understanding the rich philanthropic traditions of the individuals they are working with and soliciting funds from, fund raisers will be better equipped to serve their communities and their organizations.

Direct Response Fund Raising: Mastering New Trends for Results
Michael Johnston
ISBN 0-471-38024-5

This guide offers fundraisers, managers, and volunteers an excellent understanding of how to plan and execute successful direct response campaigns. The success of a nonprofit direct response program requires staying on top of recent trends in the field. These trends include appealing more effectively to aging baby boomers as well as tapping into powerful new databases, the Internet, CD-ROMs, diskettes, and videos. The book includes a CD-ROM, with all the full-color, complete examples from the book as well as many more.

Ethical Decision Making in Fund Raising
Marilyn Fischer, Ph.D.
ISBN 0-471-28943-3

A handbook for ethical reasoning and discussion. In her provocative new book, Dr. Fischer provides conceptual tools with which a nonprofit can thoroughly examine the ethics of how and from whom it seeks donations. With the book's Ethical Decision-Making Model, the author explains how fundraisers can use their basic value commitments to organizational mission, relationships, and integrity as day-to-day touchstones for making balanced, ethical fundraising decisions.

Ethical Fundraising: A Guide for Nonprofit Boards and Fundraisers
Janice Gow Pettey, CFRE
ISBN: 978-0-470-22521-9

Practical tools and techniques to incorporate ethical standards and practices in nonprofit fundraising. Featuring contributions from a host of well-known and respected senior-level fundraising professionals, several of whom are members of the AFP Ethics Committee; Ethical Fundraising provides clear and concise explanations of common ethical fundraising challenges along with practical case studies to stimulate thought and discussion. In addition, all royalties for this book will be donated to the AFP Ethics Education Fund.

Essential topics are covered, including:
Appearance of impropriety
Rights of donors
Tainted money
Using donations as intended
Choosing a leadership role
*Ethical decision-making
*Restoring public confidence in the nonprofit sector
The ethics of grant making and grant seeking

Fired-Up Fundraising: Turn Board Passion into Action
Gail A. Perry, CFRE
ISBN: 978-0-470-11663-0

Fired-Up Fundraising: Turn Board Passion into Action shows nonprofit managers how to introduce reluctant board members to fundraising in ways that make them feel comfortable. It offers a structure to motivate, inspire and empower board members so that they can become productive fundraisers. The material in the book lays out a new, and more realistic, approach to talk to board members about fundraising. This approach does not focus simply on what board members can do, but on how to get them engaged and passionate about raising money in the first place.


Fundraising Analytics: Using Data to Guide Strategy
Joshua M. Birkholz
ISBN: 978-0-470-16557-7



Your guide to successful fundraising. Drive success in fundraising with step-by-step instructions for conducting analysis in-house.  Part of the AFP Fund Development Series, you'll gain access to numerous charts, quotes, and graphs, as well as SPSS screen prints (a leading worldwide provider of predictive analytics and solutions).

Fundraising Consultants: A Guide for Nonprofit Organizations 
Eugene A. Scanlan 
ISBN: 978-0-470-34015-8

In Fundraising Consultants: A Guide for Nonprofit Organizations, Gene Scanlan provides a thoughtful and deliberative guide for how to select, develop, and maintain successful relationships with consultants that can help organizations achieve their goals. It is also an excellent resource for consultants, both new and experienced, on how to best serve their clients.

The Fundraising Feasibility Study: It’s Not About the Money
Martin Novom, CFRE
ISBN: 978-0-470-12074-3

Before embarking on a capital campaign, a nonprofit organization must go through many steps to ensure its readiness to meet a specific financial goal within a specific period of time. The Fundraising Feasibility Study: It's Not About the Money provides nonprofit professionals and the consultants who serve them with a practical tool to determine their organization's fundraising potential, test the reality of their project's contributed income requirements, and make plans within the context of rational financial goals.

The Fund Raiser’s Guide to the Internet (Out of print)
Michael Johnston 
ISBN 0-471-25365-0

This book presents the issues, technology and resources involved in online fundraising and donor relations. A practical “how-to” guide, it presents real-world case studies and successful practices from a top consulting firm, as well as guidance, inspiration and warnings to nonprofits learning to develop this new fundraising technique. It also covers such important factors as determining your market, online solicitation pieces, security issues, and setting up your web site.

Fundraising Fundamentals: A Guide to Annual Giving for Professionals and Volunteers, Second Edition
James M. Greenfield, ACFRE, FAHP
ISBN 0-471-20987-2

A comprehensive step-by-step guide to the fundamentals of fundraising, with practical how-to advice on the basic methods and techniques necessary to carry out successful annual giving campaigns. Subjects covered include: direct mail solicitation, telemarketing, renewals, membership drives, special events, volunteer fundraising, and more.

International Fundraising for Not-for-Profits: A Country-by-Country Profile
Thomas Harris
ISBN 0-471-24452-X

The only comprehensive book of its kind, it examines and compares the fundraising environments of 18 countries around the world. Each chapter is written by a local expert and details the history and context of fundraising for the country, local and global economic factors, legal and fiscal practices sources of funding, and what fundraising practices are considered acceptable by the culture and government.


Keep Your Donors: The Guide to Better Communications and Stronger Relationships
Tom Ahern, ABC & Simone Joyaux, ACFRE
ISBN: 978-0-470-08039-9



Keep Your Donors is a new, winning guide to making disappointing donor retention rates a thing of the past. This practical and provocative book will show you how to master the strategies and tactics that make fundraising communications profitable. Filled with case studies and based in part on the CFRE and AFP job analyses, Keep Your Donors is your definitive guide to getting new donors—and keeping them—for many years to come.

Leading Up: Transformational Leadership for Fundraisers
Lilya Wagner
ISBN: 0-471-69718-4

Leading Up centers around author Lilya Wagner's unique model, which exemplifies the concept of leading up. Here, fundraisers will discover: how to get things done when they're not in charge; how to motivate others when they don't have formal authority; how to convince or persuade their colleagues and superiors about their need for action and involvement; and how to lead when they're not recognized leaders by virtue of power or position. Focusing on problem-solving concepts, Leading Up is packed with thought provoking questions, exercises, and practical application steps that allow professionals to practice and implement the principles they've just learned. The book also includes inspirational quotes on leadership from recognized and successful professionals and leaders.

The Legislative Labyrinth: A Map for Not-for-Profits
Walter P. Pidgeon, Jr., Ph.D., CFRE 
ISBN 0-471-40069-6

Currently, only a fraction of the nonprofit community takes advantage of the legislative process in representing their members and furthering its missions. Nonprofits are missing a significant way to fulfill their mission of gaining visibility and attracting new members and funding sources. This book answers the questions of nonprofits thinking of starting a lobbying program.

Nonprofit Essentials: The Capital Campaign  
Julia Ingraham Walker
ISBN: 0-471-68429-5

Nonprofit Essentials: The Capital Campaign provides a thorough and practical overview of the process of planning and managing a capital campaign. In lively discussions, independent consultant Julia Walker shares the tips, techniques, and programs that have helped her raise more than $600 million in capital campaigns. The Capital Campaign highlights new tools available through the Internet, such as Web sites for prospect research and the use of electronic media to help make an organization's case stand out among the competition.

Nonprofit Essentials: The Development Plan
Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE
ISBN: 978-0-470-11797-2

One of the most significant factors in the success of any fundraising program is the ability and willingness of the organization to take the time to develop an integrated development plan with realistic budgets, timelines, and areas of responsibility. Nonprofit Essentials: The Development Plan takes the reader through the development planning process and helps both novice development officers and seasoned professionals to create a plan that contributes to an organization's realization of its mission. Exhorting readers to ensure their plan is a living instrument and not just a document sitting on a shelf, nonprofit expert Linda Lysakowski includes examples of typical development plan formats as well as timelines for the planning process to help users identify the level of detail that will be required.  This professional guide's nuts-and-bolts presentation equips your organization to create a dynamic development plan that fosters enthusiasm, cultivates a sense of confidence, and helps track success.


Nonprofit Essentials: Effective Donor Relations
Janet L. Hedrick, CFRE 
ISBN: 978-0-470-04036-2



Nonprofit Essentials: Effective Donor Relations is a concise and professional guide to donor relations in a format that is accessible, lively, easy to read, and that provides in-depth advice from an expert in the field. The book guides in creating and implementing each aspect of a donor relation plan, providing recommended solutions to frequently encountered dilemmas and including sample documents, checklists, and other tools to help shape an effective program.

Nonprofit Essentials: Endowment Building
Diana S. Newman
ISBN: 0-471-67846-5

Nonprofit Essentials: Endowment Building outlines the step-by-step process for developing and implementing an endowment program. In practical, down-to-earth terms, it covers making the case for endowments (involving the board and securing the support of members), raising funds (planned giving and special events), investing the money (asset allocation and spending policies), marketing (preparing a strategic marketing plan), and much more.

Nonprofit Essentials: Major Gifts 
Julia Ingraham Walker 
ISBN: 0-471-73837-9

Nonprofit Essentials: Major Gifts is a concise and professional guide to major gifts in a format that is accessible, lively, easy-to-read. It provides in-depth advice from an experienced fundraiser. The book has eight chapters that take the reader from the early stages of establishing a program through the core elements of all major gift programs: identifying and rating prospects, preparing the case, training volunteers, cultivating donors, making the ask, and providing recognition and stewardship for the gift. It focuses on how to create a prospect-centered program (i.e., developing the capacity to engage and solicit donors effectively based on their unique interests and needs).

Nonprofit Essentials: Managing Technology
Jeannette Woodward
ISBN: 0-471-73838-7

Nonprofit Essentials: Managing Technology is a comprehensive work. Suitable for any size organization, the book is distinguished by its focus on 'the human factor' along with volumes of technology information. It should prove to be an invaluable resource for administrators, volunteers, and trustees who must ensure their organization's effective use of technology.

Nonprofit Essentials: Recruiting and Training Fundraising Volunteers
Linda Lysakowski
ISBN: 0-471-70648-5

Nonprofit Essentials: Recruiting and Training Fundraising Volunteers outlines the roles of volunteers in the art of fundraising. Lysakowski has woven the guidance of the great masters of philanthropy and volunteer management partnered with her extensive life experience. This is a must-have resource for development officers and nonprofit leadership essential for both volunteers and management. The 'In the Real World' examples of concepts in action can be implemented locally.

The Nonprofit Handbook: Fund Raising, Third Edition
James M. Greenfield, ACFRE, FAHP 
ISBN 0-471-40304-0

The Third Edition of this invaluable handbook provides a complete overview of the entire development function, from management and strategic planning to hands-on, practical guidance for the various kinds of fund-raising. Written by leading fund-raising professionals, edited by James M. Greenfield, this invaluable resource brings together over 40 contributors who are vanguard experts and professionals in the field of fundraising.

Nonprofit Investment Policies: Practical Steps for Growing Charitable Funds
Robert P. Fry, Jr., Esq.
ISBN 0-471-17887-X

Written in plain English by an investment manager who specializes in nonprofit organizations, Nonprofit Investment Policies explores the unique characteristics of nonprofit investing. Covered topics include endowment management, planned gift assets, socially responsible investing and more. This book includes charts and graphs to illustrate complex investment concepts, tables and checklists to guide nonprofit managers in decision-making, and case studies of organizations of various sizes to show how to successfully develop and implement investment policies.

Philanthropy in a Flat World: Inspiration Through Globalization
Jon Duschinsky 
ISBN: 978-0-470-45801-3

Open, honest, and challenging, this visionary guide looks at the forces at work in creating the global philanthropic world of tomorrow. It is a must-read for every fundraiser and nonprofit manager seeking to compete and succeed in today's "borderless" world. This compelling and practical resource reveals how your nonprofit can become more flexible, adaptable, and international in approach to help it survive the coming challenges.

You have a choice. Put your head in the sand and pretend the world is still round and suffer the consequences, or take advantage of this incredible opportunity. Philanthropy in a Flat World: Inspiration Through Globalization is your insider guide to meeting and exceeding your nonprofit's goals for decades to come.

Planned Giving Simplified: The Gift, the Giver, and the Gift Planner
Robert F. Sharpe, Sr.
ISBN 0-471-16674-X

This resource, written by a well-known veteran of planned giving, is a down-to-earth introduction to the complex world of planned giving, a sophisticated fundraising strategy that involves big money, complex tax laws and delicate personal politics. This book shows charities, and in particular the charities' planned givers, how to understand the process--both the administration of planned gifts as well as the spirit of giving.

The Universal Benefits of Volunteering
Walter P. Pidgeon, Jr., Ph.D., CFRE 
ISBN 0-471-18505-1

Volunteering is good for nonprofits, individuals, and corporations because it builds strong interpersonal and professional skills that carry over into all sectors. A concise, hands-on guide to maximizing the use of business professionals in the nonprofit volunteer context, this workbook is a vital resource for all those involved in volunteering efforts. Included is a disk with all the worksheets and model documents needed to establish effective, successful, and ongoing volunteer programs.


Winning Gifts: Make Your Donors Feel Like Winners
Thomas D. Wilson
ISBN: 978-0-470-12834-3

The secret to getting gifts and making donors feel like winners. Know the best approaches to people-centered fundraising. Understand the role of executive director, fundraisers, program managers, and volunteers in the win-win framework, the importance of listening, the case for a donor-centered approach, and the direct ways these concepts can be applied in a variety of fundraising settings. Includes numerous real-world examples taken from the author's own experience as chief philanthropy officer in nonprofits and as a leader in a well-known national nonprofit consulting company.



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