AFP/Skystone Partners Research Prize

Each year, the AFP Research Council awards the Skystone Partners Prize for Research to the author of a book that contributes substantially to the knowledge and understanding of fundraising or philanthropic behavior. The Skystone Partners Prize is made possible by an endowment from Skystone Partners, LLC, and includes a cash prize of up to $3,000. 

The 2018 Skystone Partners Prize was awarded to Dr. Beth Breeze for her book The New Fundraisers: Who Organises Charitable Giving in Contemporary Society?, published by Policy Press in 2017. Read the AFP press release from April 11, 2018:   "Dr. Beth Breeze Wins AFP/Skystone Partners Research Prize for Volume on Study of Fundraisers" .

The application deadline for the 2019 prize was November 1, 2018. 

Past winners include: 

  • 2017-2018:  Dr. Beth Breeze, The New Fundraisers: Who Organises Charitable Giving in Contemporary Society?
  • 2016-2017:  Dr. Lilya Wagner, Ed.D., CFRE, Diversity and Philanthropy: Expanding the Circle of Giving.
  • 2015-2016:  Marilyn Taylor, Robert Strom, and David Renz, Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurs’ Engagement in Philanthropy: Perspectives
  • 2014-2015:  Penelope Cagney, CFRE and Bernard Ross, Global Fundraising: How the World is Changing the Rules of Philanthropy
  • 2013-2014:  Noah Drezner, Expanding the Donor Base in Higher Education: Engaging Non-Traditional Donors
  • 2012-2013:  Brian Sagrestano and Robert Wahlers, The Philanthropic Planning Companion
  • 2011-2012:  Robert M. Penna, The Nonprofit Outcomes Toolbox: A Complete Guide to Program Effectiveness, Performance Measurement and Results
  • 2010-2011:   Michael Rosen, Donor-Centered Planned Gift Marketing
  • 2009-2010:  Rachel M. McCleary, Ph.D., Global Compassion: Private Voluntary Organizations and US Foreign Policy Since 1939
  • 2008-2009:  Paul Brest and Hal Harvey, Money Well Spent: A Strategic Plan for Smart Philanthropy
  • 2007-2008:  Leslie R. Crutchfield & Heather McLeod Grant, Forces for Good: The Six Practices of High-Impact Nonprofits
  • 2006-2007:  Emily Barman, CONTESTING COMMUNITIES: The Transformation of Workplace Charity 
  • 2005-2006:  Marybeth Gasman & Katherine V. Sedgwick, Uplifting a People: African American Philanthropy and Education
  • 2004-2005:  Richard P. Chait, William P. Ryan and Barbara E. Taylor, Governance as Leadership: Reframing the Work of Nonrofit Boards
  • 2003-2004:  Lawrence J. Friedman and Mark D. McGarvie, Charity, Philanthropy, and Civility in American History
  • 2002-2003:  Diana S. Newman, CFRE, Opening Doors: Pathways to Diverse Donors
  • 2001-2002:  Lilya Wagner, Careers in Fundraising
  • 2000-2001:  Marilyn Fischer, Ethical Decision Making in Fund Raising
  • 1999-2000:  Katelyn Quynn and Ron Jordan, Planned Giving: Management, Marketing and Law
  • 1998-1999:  Robert Fry, Jr., Nonprofit Investment Policies: Practical Steps for Growing Charitable Funds
  • 1997-1998:  Kathleen Kelly, Effective Fund-Raising Management
  • 1996-1997:  Dwight Burlingame and Dennis Young, Corporate Philanthropy at the Crossroads
  • 1995-1996:  Douglas White, The Art of Planned Giving: Understanding Donors and the Culture of Giving
  • 1994-1995:  Mike Martin, Virtuous Giving: Philanthropy, Voluntary Service and Caring
  • 1993-1994:  Lucy Rose Fischer/Kay Banister Schaffer, Older Volunteers: A Guide to Research and Practice; and Joseph Mixer, Principles of Professional Fund Raising
  • 1992-1993:  Roger Lohmann, The Commons: New Perspectives on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action
  • 1991-1992:  Henry Rosso, Achieving Excellence in Fund Raising
  • 1990-1991:  Bruce Hopkins, The Law of Fund Raising
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