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Helping YOU change the world.

AFP was created in 1960 as the professional association for fundraisers. It had the traditional goals of all associations: to develop a code of ethics and standards, as well as educational opportunities; to promote and sponsor research and the granting of awards and fellowship; and to build the profession and explain its importance to the general public.

Today, nearly 60 years later, AFP is much more than just a professional association. We are the community for the fundraising profession—the IMPACT profession— and a partner with people and organizations who want to create positive impact through philanthropy.

AFP doesn’t change the world. We help YOU—professional fundraisers, partnering with donors, volunteers, board members and others involved in philanthropy—change the world. After all, without fundraising, nothing happens in the world of philanthropy.

AFP drives the conversations surrounding the impact we make through effective and ethical fundraising and philanthropy. AFP is inclusive, diverse and tolerant as we advance fundraising through innovation and remain at the forefront of philanthropy.

AFP is your advocate before Congress, Parliament and legislatures around the world, championing ideas that allow people to come together and help each other and their communities.

AFP sets the foundation for all this change to occur by striving for equity, access, and fairness in the workplace and the sector, working to ensure every individual is treated justly and has equal opportunity to be successful and make an impact in the world around them.

These aspirations are reflected in our new website:, which is meant to serve as the online home for the fundraising and philanthropic community. Here we share ideas, knowledge, and perspectives that not only serve to inform and educate, but also to unite, invigorate and inspire action.

Thank you for being part of the AFP community. We look forward to and appreciate your engagement and involvement as we work together—through fundraising, the IMPACT profession—to change the world.

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