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CPC Representative to the AFP Board of Directors – Apply Today!

One seat on the AFP Board is held by a representative of the Chapter President’s Council (CPC). An election will take place electronically prior to AFP LEAD to determine who will fill this position.

The CPC meeting will occur on October 20, 2020 from 2:00p.m. - 4:00p.m. Eastern. The candidate must be a Chapter President as of January 2021. The CPC representative to the AFP Board serves a one-year term, non-renewable, in this position. The chapter president who serves as the CPC representative of the AFP Board will be eligible for re-nomination in following years in either an At-large Board or Officer position.

A timeline for the nomination process is as follows:

  • August 4 – Call for CPC Board candidate nominations
  • September 11 – Deadline for nominations
  • Sept 28 - October 9 – Vote will be done electronically

Nominees are expected to attend three (3) board meetings a year, participate in committee, council, or task force meetings, and provide financial support to the US and/or Canadian AFP Foundations for Philanthropy. AFP Board member travel expenses are reimbursed per the Board Travel Policy to attend AFP board meetings. 

If you are interested in seeking nomination for this board seat, please submit your form using the link provided below in JotForm.

Any problems with using the JotForm, please contact Derek Mulhern, AFP Chief of Staff, at

The deadline for nominations is September 11, 2020.

All nominations will be shared with the Chapter Presidents in advance of the October 20th meeting to vote on electronically. The elected candidate will be given a few minutes to speak on their own behalf during the CPC meeting in October.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email at or Derek at or (703) 519-8463.

Thank you for your service to AFP this year and in the future.

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