[CANCELLED] AFP Webinar: Show and Tell - The Magic of Stewardship in Growing Donor Relationships and Increasing Fundraising Support

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As fundraisers, every day we make implicit and explicit proposals (or asks) to donors and prospective donors: “If you give to tackle challenge X, we will do it and the world will be a different place.”  And in our fundraising offices, we readily and heavily invest in the ASK – consultants for direct marketing, professional development courses on crafting the case, outside counsel for advice on closing the gifts. Unfortunately, we often provide scant resources for when following up with donors on how their donations are making a difference. Stewardship is a key component of excellence in fundraising, and we will give an overview of the basics, including gift agreements, acknowledgement, recognition, and impact reporting.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How “selling the dream” of a better world + making the ask is only one half of the equation. Demonstrating the impact of donor gifts completes the circle in donors’ minds – and hearts. 
  • Why stewardship should be an essential investment in every fundraising shop – small or large – and how to set up an annual plan for your donors. 
  • How to build the “Story Board” for your nonprofit – the internal and external people who will happily bring you stories and examples to share.
  • Tips to employ “charming” (aka inexpensive) stewardship practices as well as how you may provide better reporting for more sophisticated donors. 

Beth Ann Locke headshotBeth Ann Locke, Chief Development Officer, BC Women's Health Foundation
Beth Ann knows she has the best career in the world – working with donors on their dreams for a better world. She’s a tireless fan of our profession and understands that building relationships and expressing gratitude are keys to success. She's raised millions of dollars for healthcare, education, social services, and international sectors in Canada and the U.S. by connecting donors with ideas and projects close to their hearts.  She believes that fundraising leaders must invest in expressing gratitude for donor gifts and bringing them to see the difference their support is making. This is a key building block to donor relationships. Beth Ann is the Chief Development Officer at BC Women's Hospital + Health Foundation, board member of AFP Canada Foundation for Philanthropy and VP of Professional Development of AFP Vancouver. She loves to travel, throw dinner parties and keep in touch with fundraising colleagues from around the world. 


AFP provides professional development for you, the fundraising and nonprofit professional. We know your schedule is tight and so we’re offering online courses that can be taken from the comfort of your own home at your own pace. 

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