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Engagement Ideas for Young Professional Chapter Members

Why Engage Young Professionals?

Invest in Millenial Fundraisers
Millennial Leaders

Leadership Gap

How to Engage Young Professionals

Chapter Leadership Development Opportunities

Board Approved Policy Requiring a Young Professional Member
Young Professional Chair Position Description 

Young Professionals Chair- Engage young professionals in the chapter through organizing regular activities specifically designed for young professionals, working with other committee chairs on the board to plan joint programs,  engaging young professionals who attend meetings, and encourage any Young Professionals who are non-members to become members using the conversation to educate them about the Young Professionals membership level offered through IHQ, benefits of membership, scholarship opportunities, etc.


Young Professionals Committee Charge (Melissa)

AFP Young Professional Members Benefits

Educational session on Career Moves for Fundraising Professionals  - Include link to recording from ICON, webinar for YP chapter members, contact Taryn if you would like more information
Negotiation Workshop AAUW

Mentor Programs

Complimentary Webinars for Young Professionals



Sample Programs for Young Professionals
Tips: If you have a panel, be sure to put a Young Professional on it to show value to the YP point of view

Mentoring Programs How To – Speed Mentoring (link to document)

AFP Chapter Field Trip Program


The purpose of AFP Field Trips is to expose YPs to the vast array of Development shops around the globe. Big or small, arts, humanities, health or religious there are so many different types of opportunities in the field.  These trips will not only give you professional development opportunities but also allow you to network and see what it is like in another place.

·         Aim to hold at least 3 field trips a year

·         Each trip should be help at a different “type” of non-profit (Arts, Culture, Humanities, Education, Health, Human Services, Religious)

·         Utilize committee and Board contacts to find non-profits to partner with

·         Field Trips should last around 2 hours

·         2 hours should include:

o   tour/meeting of the department staff

o   a presentation from the non-profit on a topic they excel at

o   Q&A

·         Cost $20 AFP Members or $30 Non-members

·         Promote via social media, e-blasts, and at other AFP Events

Sample E-mail:

Subject: Ready for a Field Trip?

Join us at Charity Navigator





Charity Ratings: Why they Matter to Your Donor

Join the AFP-NJ Young Professionals at Charity Navigator’s headquarters for our first-ever "Field Trip!"


You'll get a tour of their facilities, and meet with their development team. Megan Ritter, Development Manager will give a professional development session on “Charity Ratings: Why they Matter to Your Donor.”


Charity Navigator is the largest and most-utilized charity evaluator in America. The organization helps guide intelligent giving by evaluating the Financial Health, Accountability and Transparency of over 9,000 charities and provides basic data on the rest of the 1.8 million U.S. nonprofits. It matters to your donors. Learn from the Charity Navigator development staff to find out how to utilize the rating systems to help tell your story.


In order to attend, you must register and pay for this event by XXXX

A maximum of 15 spots are available so reserve your spot today!

AFP-NJ Members: $20    Nonmembers: $30


The cost supports a donation to the hosting nonprofit and support to the Young Professionals.



What are AFP-NJ Field Trips?

AFP-NJ Young Professionals travel around the NY/Metro Area to visit a diverse range of nonprofits, learn about their work, and interact with development professionals. Meet your peers, gain professional development hours, and learn what others in your field are doing.

When is the next one?



Cultivating Future Fundraisers – Matching process (link to doc)

CFRE Refresher Course - Shared Revenue Program info link

CFRE Tracker

Fundamentals of Fundraising

Community Service Project

ICON Scholarship Program (add link to doc)


Connect with other Young Professionals through AFP Connect

How to use AFP Connect 

Young Professionals AFP Connect Community

Workgroup Conference 

Community Service Projects (Taryn to ask philly for description)

  • Brown Bag affinity group

  • Workplace tour

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