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As the saying goes, membership has it privileges ... or in AFP's case, its exclusive online benefits! 

As a member of AFP, you now have access to numerous resources, recordings, reports and discussions - all tailored to your fundraising needs to help you ramp up your development and success, and to navigate these uncertain times. 

We have now conveniently collected all these member benefits on the AFP Global website. Simply click the "For Members" navigation that you see in blue and sign in to unlock this navigation menu and reveal these resources! From special webinars and free recordings, to workshops on negotiation and interview skill development - you will find them all here, with more added all the time!

And be sure to stay logged in each time you visit - this will ensure you see the special members-only AFP Global homepage and to keep your benefits unlocked.

This is just the beginning of AFP's commitment to provide the most value possible for your membership. Have any questions or suggestions? Let us know!

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