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Seven New Members to Join 2022 AFP U.S. Foundation for Philanthropy Fundraising Board

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Harry Lynch, CFRE, chair of the AFP U.S. Foundation for Philanthropy Fundraising Board of Directors is pleased to announce that seven new board members have joined the board in 2022.

Lynch, chief executive officer of Sanky Communications in New York City, is starting his second year as chair and looks forward to the foundation’s growing strength and impact through the addition of the new board members.

“We are bringing on a wonderful new class of board members to help us accomplish our key strategic pillars that include leadership development, IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access), Research and Ethics,” said Lynch. “Bringing these important resources to the fundraising profession and the wider nonprofit sector will help strengthen our communities at a time of tremendous need.  The impact of the Foundation for Philanthropy is profound and growing, and volunteers such as these, hand in hand with the Foundation’s truly exceptional staff, can’t help but make 2022 an extraordinary year for us.”

The new board members are:

Emilio Alonso-Mendoza, CFRE
Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Washington, D.C.

Peter Hansen, CFRE
Hansen Philanthropic Solutions
Miami, Fla.

Steven Jacobson
JCA, Inc.
New York, N.Y.

Jeffrey Jowdy, CFRE
Lighthouse Counsel
Franklin, Tenn.

Ray Li
Senior Director for International Advancement
University of Washington
Seattle, Wash.

Lori Hunter Overmyer, CFRE, MBA
Executive Vice President
Goettler Associates
Columbus, Ohio

Matthew Taylor Siegel, CFRE
Director of Development, College of Humanities & the Arts
San Jose State University
Santa Clara, Calif.

Current board members who continuing their work for the foundation this year include:

Helen B. Arnold, CFRE
Sylvia Bastani
Dzenan B. Berberovic, MA   CFRE
Brian J. Bonde, MA, ACFRE
Michael J Buckley, CFRE
Timothy R. Burcham, CFRE
Barbara Racklin Bushnell, CFRE
Penelope Cagney, MA CFRE
Catherine M. Connolly, CFRE, MBA
David M. Coyne, CFRE
Jennifer Li Dotson, MS
Heidi A Droegemueller, CFRE
Paul A. Dunne, CFRE
Patricia G. Egan, MBA, CFRE
Kevin J. Foyle, CFRE
Annie Fritschner, MBA
Mike Geiger, MBA, CPA
Gretchen C. Gordon, CFRE
Donna C. Kirtland, MBA
Timothy D. Logan, CFRE, ACFRE, FAHP
Harry Lynch, CFRE
David J. Madson, ACFRE
Germaine Mitchell
Joyce M. Mitchell-Antoine,
Terry Monteleone, CFRE
Lori Hunter Overmyer, CFRE, MBA
Jennifer Oyer CFRE
Gail Perry, CFRE
James K. Phelps, ACFRE
Jane Potentier, CFRE
Karen Rotko-Wynn, CFRE
Melissa Ryan Penland
David Schlakman, MSA; CPA(ret.)
Martha H. Schumacher, CFRE, ACFRE, MInstF (AdvDip)
Birgit Smith Burton
Robert Ernest Wahlers, CFRE, MS

To learn more about the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy and its impact on the fundraising profession and the nonprofit sector, click here.

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