USA Today Supplement On Donor Engagement

 Article by AFP President and CEO Mike Geiger, MBA, CPA features tips for exciting and retaining donors.

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AFP 2018 Year-End Fundraising Survey

Half of U.S. charities saw fundraising increases in 2018, while Canadian charities found mixed results.

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Race to Lead: Women of Color in the Nonprofit Sector

A new report from the Building Movement Project shows that the nonprofit sector places particular burdens on women of color.

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Hard Scrabble: A New Year's Challenge

We christened the January 2019 issue “Hard Scrabble” for the specific stories it tells and the difficult challenges our members are tackling across the board. “Unending hard work and struggle”— hard scrabble’s dictionary meaning — are common to the articles you will find here, but so are the words “transformation”, “triumph”, and “success.”

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Reflecting on the Emergence of AFP Canada

The amount of change that can occur in under two years is truly amazing. Scott Decksheimer shares his thoughts on the evolution of AFP Canada during his tenure as Chairperson.

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Micro-Learning ... In a Minute!

What is a micro-learning video? A super-short informal video that shares a few key learning objectives about an important topic ... made to fit in your super-busy schedule!

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Ethics: The Heart of Who We Are

For over 50 years, the AFP Code of Ethical Standards has served as the cornerstone of the fundraising profession, identifying and promulgating the high standards that make change possible. 

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