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As the largest association of charitable fundraisers in the world, AFP seeks to educate the public about the fundraising profession and the importance of philanthropy, and protect the interests of donors, fundraisers and charities related to laws and regulations about giving, volunteering and nonprofit operations in the U.S., Canada, and abroad.

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AFP Public Policy Update - Spring 2021

Learn the latest about the Universal Giving Pandemic Response and Recovery Act, IRA Rollover/IRA Legacy Act, Postage Reform/Postal Rate Increases, Donor Privacy, and other public policy developments that may impact fundraising.


The Universal Charitable Deduction/Universal Giving Pandemic Response and Recovery Act

AFP is working hard to make the universal charitable deduction permanent and expand its application, including how much a taxpayer can deduct.


Charitable IRA Rollover/IRA Legacy Act

AFP is currently working to expand the Charitable IRA Rollover and create even more giving opportunities for donors by lobbying for the IRA Legacy Act.


Postage Rate Increases/Postal Reform

A change in the postal rate setting system means major increases in postage rates unless charities and fundraisers act now. Learn more about what AFP is doing and how you can help by contacting your member of Congress!

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Get Involved!

AFP provides a number of lobbying and advocacy tools to help you effectuate positive change in the profession!

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AFP PAC: Make a Difference!

The Association of Fundraising Professionals Political Action Committee is a one-of-a-kind body, the only PAC dedicated to advancing ethical fundraising and philanthropy. The PAC supports candidates for federal office who in turn support giving, volunteering and fundraising.

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