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Striving to stimulate a world of generosity and positive social good through fundraising best practice.
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Our Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles

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How To Find Us

You can also find and reach us at the address and information below. Want to leave feedback? Use our Contact Form!

*New address as of Jan. 1, 2022*
Association of Fundraising Professionals
4200 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 480, Arlington, VA 22203-4416
Toll Free 800/666-3863 | Phone 703/684-0410
Fax 703/684-1950 | Direct Line 703/519-8(ext)

Canadian Office:
260 King Street East, Suite 412, Toronto, Ontario  M5A 4L5
Mexico Office:
Callejón de las Flores 1, Cuadrante Sn. Francisco, CP 04320, México DF

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