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Building the Capacity of Philanthropy: The Key to A Sound Future 

Fundraisers do more than just raise money—we make positive change happen! Without fundraising, donors and charities wouldn’t be able to transform communities and improve the quality of life for everyone. 

Fundraising increases the capacity of nonprofit organizations to create impact, and AFP—and its philanthropic partner the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy—are proud to play an important role in that process. Through our education, training, ethical practices, research, networking, collaboration and community building, we help fundraisers raise more money to increase their organizations’ capacity.

Since our formation in 1960, AFP has helped fundraisers generate more than $1 trillion in gifts and donations, and AFP members raise more than $100 billion every year for charitable causes around the world. 

The AFP Foundation for Philanthropy’s new case for support highlights the foundations and the associations guiding principles, goals for the future and collaborative work with our affiliates. Take a look at how AFP grows and strengthens philanthropy and the capacity for donors and charities to work together to change our world.


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