Ethics Awareness Month

In October, We Celebrate Ethics

Share an Ethical Dilemma You've Encountered

See Yourself in Ethical Fundraising                    
In preparation for this year’s Ethics Awareness Month in October, we are asking our fundraising community to anonymously share their stories.                       

Please respond to this four-open ended question survey, telling us about a time when ethics played a role in your decision-making. Were you able to use AFP’s Code of Ethical Standards to help you follow ethical fundraising practices? Maybe other factors prevented you from doing what you felt was right.                       

All stories will be reviewed and may be chosen for sharing as part of Ethics Awareness Month. The stories will be shared on the AFP website, on social media, in the daily newsletter, and other communications.

The deadline for submissions is September 30, 2023.                       

Celebrate Ethics Awareness Month: October 2023         


That's right, we celebrate—because ethics makes philanthropy and fundraising possible. Without ethics, giving doesn’t happen. Fundraising doesn’t happen. Change and impact don’t happen.

Ethics makes it all possible, and THAT’S worth celebrating.

And while we celebrate in October, ethics is critical all the time. So our goal for Ethics Awareness Month is simple: helping you see yourself in ethical fundraising. Growing your ethical skills. And demonstrating your commitment to the highest ethical standards.                       

After all, AFP members have already demonstrated that commitment by signing the AFP Code of Ethical Standards. This October, share your commitment by joining the conversation on social media and using #SeeYourselfInEthicalFundraising and #EthicsAwarenessMonth.

Now Available: A toolkit to publicize Ethics Awareness Month and things you can do to help promote the month and celebrate!

Download the Toolkit


Ethics Awareness Month Resources

During Ethics Awareness Month, explore these helpful resources and be sure to share them with your fellow fundraisers:

  • A toolkit, updated for 2023, to publicize Ethics Awareness Month and things you can do to help promote the month and celebrate!                 
  • Video interviews with AFP leaders


Past Resources

  • Five Ethics presentations from AFP ICON 2019 bundled together and free of charge for AFP members!                       
    - Go to:                       
    - Click "Add to Cart"                       
    - Click Checkout                       
  • Our entire October 2019 issue of Advancing Philanthropy devoted to different aspects of ethics.                        
  • A free webinar from October 21, 2019, on ethics and inclusion - "Are Diversity and Inclusion Ethical Issues?" - view the recording now!                       
  • Ethics Awareness Month Preview Bundle: You can watch, at no charge, four great sessions on ethics from AFP’s 2018 International Fundraising Conference (now AFP ICON). Here's how:                       
    - Go to:                       
    - Click "Add to Cart"                       
    - Click Checkout                       

Email your questions and comments about Ethics Awareness Month to

See all of AFP Global's Ethics Material

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Your Daily Deep Dives Into The AFP Code

Throughout the month of October, members of the AFP Ethics Committee addressed each of the standards in our Code of Ethics Standards. 

Ethics Issue 2022

Ethics Takeover of Advancing Philanthropy!

How do you live ethics out loud? As members of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, we all sign the AFP Code of Ethical Standards each year, affirming our dedication to fundraising ethically. In this issue of Advancing Philanthropy, we examine what the code means to us, how we practice ethical fundraising daily, and the future of the code. We’ll also look at fundraising through a variety of lenses—the struggles and triumphs of black fundraisers, staying positive in storytelling, smarter fundraising with technology—and the future of our profession.

woman thinking

2019 AFP Survey: Donor Control, Conflict of Interest and Tainted Money

AFP conducted an online survey of its members earlier this year to assess their awareness of the association’s ethical resources, potential changes to its Code of Ethical Principles and which ethical issues were of most concern. Survey results show that members are most worried about donor control of gifts, conflict of interest, “tainted” money, sexual harassment and workplace issues.

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