It’s not enough just to provide the best training and networking opportunities in the profession. AFP is committed to leading and advancing fundraising through initiatives related to inclusion, diversity, access and equity; engaging the next generation in fundraising and philanthropy, exploring different aspects of fundraising costs and donor retention and much more!

AFP leads many of these initiatives, while others we’re proud to partner and collaborate with other great organizations across the charitable sector.

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Women’s Impact Initiative

The first campaign launched under our IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Access) Impact Initiative, AFP’s Women’s Impact Initiative (WII) is working to assess, address and highlight the specific issues and challenges that women in the fundraising profession face. WII is working on different aspects of gender equity in the profession, including awareness, research, mentoring, education and support and guidance.

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Fundraising Effectiveness

The goal of the Fundraising Effectiveness Project (FEP) is to help nonprofit organizations increase giving at a faster pace by helping them focus on increasing “effectiveness”—maximizing growth in giving through a series of tools and evaluations that can help increase donor retention and identify on which groups of donors to focus your engagement and recruitment efforts.

In addition, Measuring Fundraising Effectiveness (not to be confused with the Fundraising Effectiveness Project above) - created in collaboration with our colleagues at BoardSource, Guidestar and the BBB Wise Giving Alliance - is an education tool for boards, executive directors and fundraisers to use when talking about fundraising costs. Investments in effective fundraising strategies should be made not despite our need to fund our missions and work, but because of it.

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The Charitable Giving Coalition

AFP co-created and continues to chair the Charitable Giving Coalition (CGC), a coalition of nearly 200 charities, foundations, associations, and others which seeks to protect the federal charitable deduction and educate Congress about the need for greater giving incentives such as the universal charitable deduction.

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The Nonprofit Research Collaborative

Co-founded by AFP, the Nonprofit Research Collaborative (NRC) takes a deeper look at fundraising strategies and tactics than any other survey research. The NRC produces two surveys a year, each survey examining the state of fundraising (focusing on different kinds of fundraising and development), as well as special focus sections, such as board engagement in fundraising, staffing levels, planned giving and other topics.

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