Enforcement & Sanctions

Ethics Sanctions

The following AFP members have been sanctioned in violation of the AFP Code of Ethical Principles and Standards:

April 2019

Trisha Weatherford, BA, Midland, TX

Prior Expulsions 

2018       Sean D. Hammerle, Houston, TX
2013       Meggie Evans Chapman, Maricopa, AZ
2012       Debra C. Hyde, Connecticut
2009       José Arturo Valdez Gómez, Guadalajara, MX
2009       William "Billy" Brown, Washington, DC
2008       Daniel R. Zorn, Houston, TX
2008       Kristi Ann Willis, Austin, TX
2004       Thomas P. Dydyk, Syracuse, NY
2003       John Sterns, Walnut Creek, CA
1999       Roxanne Russell, San Diego, CA
1997       Edwin Seth Brown, Val Verde, CA
1997       Richard W. Hatfield, Minneapolis, MN
1992       Roger Charles Hennings, Pompano Beach, FL

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