AFP Complimentary Webinar: How to Handle Biases in Fundraising - Yours and Theirs

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Access (IDEA): Diversity and Inclusion (IDEA)
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1:00-2:00 PM Eastern | Presenter: Kimberly B. Lewis
Eligible for 1 CFRE Education Point

We frequently operate on the assumption that all of our choices are made consciously, but is this truly the case? The correct response is "no," which indicates that there is significantly more activity occurring in our minds than we believe there is. Both conscious and unconscious biases have the potential to influence how we think about our donors and how they think about our causes and organizations. It is helpful to have an understanding of exactly what these unconscious biases are and where they originate if one wants to be aware of these prejudices before making the ask.

Funding provided by the Claudia A. Looney Fund for Ethics in Fundraising at the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy



Kimberly B. Lewis is the President and CEO of Goodwill Industries of East Texas, an author, speaker, consultant, and has 21 years of executive level non-profit and business experience.  She is a founding member and past Chair of the Goodwill Industries International (GII) Diversity & Inclusion Committee and winner of the GII 2020 Diversity & Inclusion Champion Award. She has been published in Forbes, Advancing Philanthropy and others.


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