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The Code of Ethical Standards, as revised and approved by the AFP Board of Directors, applies to AFP members (individual and business) and those holding certifications granted or sponsored by AFP while they are engaged in raising philanthropic contributions for nonprofit organizations.

The following guidelines are provided to assist AFP members and others in interpreting and using the Code of Ethical Standards and the Principles. They are intended only as suggestions to help guide thinking about ethical behavior and not as prescriptions for all possible situations.

By its nature, this list of guidelines is an evolving document. It is subject to revision and will reflect practice, laws and regulations as they change. Members are encouraged to use the Ethics Hot Topic page for additional basic information as they encounter ethics issues.

In addition, the AFP Ethics Committee will respond to specific questions from AFP members and the public, including government regulators, upon request. Please submit inquiries, marked "Confidential," directly to the AFP President and CEO.

The committee welcomes examples and suggestions that might further clarify the Code. Please send them to the AFP President and CEO, or to

Please Note: AFP requires the completion of the Permission Form by those wishing to reprint or reproduce (in whole or in part) the Code of Ethical Standards, and/or the Donors Bill of Rights. The form should be faxed or emailed per instruction, and permission will be granted to qualifying requests. Thank you. 

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