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New Board Chair for the AFP U.S. Foundation for Philanthropy, Melissa Ryan Penland, MPA

Leadership and Teams: Boards and Volunteers
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Missy Ryan Penland, MPA

(Arlington, VA) Melissa “Missy” Ryan Penland, MPA will begin a two-year term as the chair of the AFP U.S. Foundation for Philanthropy.  Ms. Penland is Senior Associate Vice President for Development at Clemson University in Clemson, SC.  She has been a member of AFP since 1999 and has previously served in numerous positions on the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy Board.

“It’s such an honor to begin this role and lead this amazing team.  Our mission is critical -- and so fitting for this moment in time.  The Foundation is embarking on a new strategic plan that we believe will advance philanthropic investment and have greater impact on our sector.  We are building on a strong foundation of championing philanthropy and volunteerism by supporting the development of the sector’s current and future leaders, welcoming diverse new voices into the charitable world and rigorously upholding the highest standards of ethics in fundraising.  I‘m so very proud to be a part of it!”  

The AFP Foundation for Philanthropy approved a new 2023-2025 Strategic Plan and this Mission Statement.

Our mission is to advance philanthropic investment and impact in the nonprofit sector.
We accomplish this by:

  • serving as a catalyst for the nonprofit sector to address the sector’s greatest issues 
  • acting as a convener between the professional fundraiser and the philanthropist to solve society’s most-pressing challenges
  • conducting and supporting in-depth research leading to strategic insights and innovative thinking in philanthropy

In addition to Penland, the officers for the Foundation for Philanthropy Governing Board for 2023 will include:

  • Catherine M. Connolly, CFRE, MBA: Chair-Elect
  • Harry Lynch, CFRE: Immediate Past Chair
  • Heidi Droegemueller, CFRE: Secretary/Treasurer

New Fundraising Board Members in 2023 are:

  • Matthew Gellin, CFRE
  • Ann Hale, CFRE
  • Nivisha Mehta
  • Pamela Perkins-Dwyer
  • Barbara O’Reilly, CFRE

Continuing Fundraising board members for the Foundation include:

  • Helen B. Arnold, CFRE
  • Sylvia Bastani, CFRE
  • Brian J. Bonde, MA, ACFRE
  • Michael J Buckley, CFRE
  • Timothy R. Burcham, CFRE
  • Penelope Cagney, MA CFRE
  • Catherine M. Connolly, CFRE, MBA
  • David M. Coyne, CFRE
  • Heidi A Droegemueller, CFRE
  • Paul A. Dunne, CFRE
  • Patricia G. Egan, MBA, CFRE
  • Annie Fritschner, ASCW, CFEE, MBA, ACFRE
  • Mike Geiger, MBA, CPA
  • Gretchen C. Gordon, CFRE
  • Donna C. Kirtland, MBA
  • Timothy D. Logan, CFRE, ACFRE, FAHP
  • Harry Lynch, CFRE
  • David J. Madson, ACFRE
  • Germaine Mitchell
  •  Joyce M. Mitchell-Antoine
  •  Jennifer Oyer, CFRE
  • Amy B. Parrott, CFRE
  • Gail Perry, CFRE
  •  James K. Phelps, ACFRE
  • Karen Rotko-Wynn, CFRE
  • Melissa Ryan Penland, MPA
  • David Schlakman
  • Robert Ernest Wahlers, CFRE, MS

In addition, the following are ex-officio members of the AFP U.S. Foundation for Philanthropy Governing and Fundraising Board:

  • Roger Ali, CFRE: AFP Global Chair-Elect
  • Birgit Smith Burton: AFP Global Chair
  • Kevin J. Foyle, CFRE: AFP Global Immediate Past Chair
  • Vincent Duckworth, CFRE: AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada Board Chair
  • Lori Overmyer, CFRE: AFP Global Treasurer
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