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National Philanthropy Day Highlight: James and Shirley Rippey Family Foundation

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Throughout the month of November, the Association of Fundraising Professionals will be highlighting honorees from National Philanthropy Day chapter events around the world, showcasing outstanding donors, volunteers, corporations, foundations and others who are being recognized for their commitment to change and philanthropy.

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Today, we’re showcasing 2019 Outstanding Philanthropic Foundation, the James and Shirley Rippey Family Foundation, honored by the AFP Oregon and Southwest Washington Chapter.

Native Oregonians passionate about education and the welfare of children, James and Shirley Rippey utilized their leadership skills and knowledge to establish the James and Shirley Rippey Family Foundation to support these causes.

The mission of the foundation is to support youth services and children’s education in Oregon. Since the foundation’s establishment, it has supported countless organizations and initiatives across the state, including the creation of scholarships at Portland State University and other institutions. 
The foundation has been described as “quiet,” but having immense impact across the community and all of Oregon.

The AFP Oregon and Southwest Washington Chapter hosted its National Philanthropy Day event and honored the foundation on November 12, 2019. To learn more about the event and the honorees, please click here.

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