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Because Futility is Pointless

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When speaking about why he works relentlessly in response to the crisis of orphans and AIDS in Africa, I once heard Stephen Lewis say, “because futility is pointless". I have been reflecting on that a lot as events these past several weeks have rocked us all. The premise of being in good health is something most of us take for granted, and the speed and magnitude of the COVID-19 threat is overwhelming. As I watch the endless and relentless news cycle from the relative safety of my home, my clinical colleagues in our William Osler Health System and in facilities from coast-to-coast are going to work.

Last week I asked my Osler, AFP and LinkedIn friends for ideas that could create a simple way to express Canadians' gratitude, similar to the outpouring of solidarity generated by the Humboldt hockey stick campaign. Simple, obvious, replicable, free, accessible, impactful, universal. So, healthcare workers (though not limited to health care workers) know that when they walk into work, they do not walk alone.

I was overwhelmed by the range of responses I received. From ordering food for workers through Uber Eats, to creating an I Heart Healthcareworkers decal, to changing your Facebook image to a gratitude icon such as hands clasped in thanks, to posting signs of thanks on the inside of your window, to building a website to collect online notes of thanks, to many others.

At Osler, the team developed a #HealthcareHeroes campaign. Once again, the community response has been overwhelming. Within the spirit of sharing and hoping this may help my many not-for-profit friends, I have posted some of our materials below.  You are welcome to use and revise the creative and images for your organization.

Osler Foundation COVID-19 website:

Facebook posts:

facebook post 1

fb post 2

Undoubtedly we will all be tested in the weeks and months to come and I do not underestimate the pain and fear in front of us.  Yet I also find great hope in the studies and stories already emerging that it will bring out the best in many. Stay well.

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