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Thinking About Your Career? AFP Has Resources For You

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AFP has substantive assistance it can offer members who, after the dramatic change in working conditions over the past 16 months, may be re-thinking what they want from their jobs and their careers.

Some people working in the charitable sector predict that once the working world stabilizes after the pandemic, there will be a tremendous amount of activity in the job market. People leaving their current positions and charities seeking either additional staff or looking to replace staff they had laid off.

AFP360° is an online career builder and management tool provided to all AFP members through its partnership with the Korn Ferry Advance program. The Standard set of services in AFP360° is provided free of charge to members.

Through its relationship with Korn Ferry, a global management consultancy focused on how to develop talent and structures that can maximize and organization’s impact and structure, AFP offers its members access to a wide range of career coaching services, including advice that can help them figure out what they want to do next. 

“We don’t save lives, we change them,” says Josh Daniel, coach, Korn Ferry Advance, “and we’ve developed ways of doing things that can help. We have resources. And you don’t have to wait to feel ready.”

Korn Ferry Advance provides a single portal for a wide variety of services and programs that include planned sessions, ad hoc support, and chat access. Participants can set up a Success Profile, perform assessments that help them learn more about themselves and their careers goals, and understand gaps between where they are now and where they want to be

There are other services offered for additional fees. For example, members can work with a Korn Ferry coach to create targeted goals based on key development area. In addition, there is also Career Transition Services (CTS), a “a one-stop location which helps employees organize and prioritize their career development journey.”

“In career transition there’s always a push and a pull,” says Daniel. “The push is that you need a new job because you need to make ends meet. The pull is that you want your work to benefit your career. And this has been a pivotal time for so many people.”

AFP is committed to not only providing members the best education and networking programs but ensuring members can go as far as they want professionally. AFP360° provides the skills and knowledge to help position fundraisers for success in wherever their career path may take them. This suite of services isn’t just about finding a new job, but acquiring new skills, performing more effectively in your organization, learning how to be a leader, assessing where you are in your career and developing your professional plan for success.

Korn Ferry coaches are chosen for their technical expertise, business experience, education and ability to apply knowledge to real-world situations. They combine a deep understanding of human behaviour with practical knowledge of what organisations need from talent.

“People may think coaching is for someone else,” says Michael Sage, delivery lead, Korn Ferry Advance. “But this is available for AFP with full confidentiality. Access is the most important word.  It’s meant for everyone, and AFP has 360-degree access.”

“This past year has been a trial for a lot of people, a pivot point and a time for introspection,” said Daniel.

“People are taking the time to check in with each other, and that’s healthy,” says Sage, “that introspection can include job search strategy, being successful in your role and career mapping.”

Members can learn more by heading to AFP360°!

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