What does the word fundraising mean to you?

For some, it may elicit a positive reaction, and for others, it may bring feelings of anxiety or irritation to the surface. However you choose to think about fundraising, maybe it's time to focus less on the financial aspect of it and more on what it's all about – value and creating change.

Knowing how important it is to change the discussion about fundraising and philanthropy in our country, AFP Canada developed a Narrative for Canadian Fundraising.

The Executive Summary
“Fundraisers Transforming Our Communities: AFP Canada's Narrative for Canadian Fundraising” is a four-page overview that introduces you to the Narrative for Canadian Fundraising. It includes history about this project and why it is needed in Canada.

Video: Changing The Narrative
Paula Attfield, former AFP Canada chair, talks about why changing the narrative on fundraising is integral to the profession as she celebrates the work that has been undertaken to drive this important change.

AFP Canada’s Fundraising Narrative on the Road Again with Session at AFP ICON

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What Others are Saying about the Narrative for Canadian Fundraising?

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