AFP Fundamentals of Fundraising eCourse 2.0 Is Here!


The all-new, recently-redesigned AFP Fundamentals of Fundraising eCourse 2.0 is composed of seven modules that have been designed by experienced fundraising professionals to meet the real-world needs and challenges nonprofit organizations face every day. You can purchase each module individually or get the entire eCourse at a discount!

Module 1:  Overview of Fundraising
Module 2:  Developing an Integrated Fundraising Program
Module 3:  Marketing for Ongoing Success
Module 4:  Building and Sustaining Relationships
Module 5:  Securing the Gift
Module 6:  Partners in Fundraising
Module 7:  Management & Accountability

This course includes case studies and video segments, making the learning experience both substantive and enjoyable. The AFP Fundamentals of Fundraising eCourse offers a complete overview of the development function, featuring the most current information and techniques.

What’s new for Fundamentals 2.0?

  • The entire eCourse has been rebuilt from the ground up, offering an all-new immersive experience.
  • A rebuilt eCourse means new content, new trends and new skills to help you step up your game.
  • Fundamentals 2.0 is now eligible for 16 CFRE education points in all, a great jump start for CFRE initial or re-certification and more than previous versions of the course.

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