AFP CA, Capital Chapter: Ethical Issues Between Development and Boards

As the quote goes, “the road to hell was paved with good intentions.”

This discussion will dig past the AFP code of ethics, and give some real-life examples of ethical dilemmas you may come across in your nonprofit careers. Having written her master’s thesis on ethics and particularly “why good people do bad things” Rene is uniquely qualified to lead us in our discussion. Join us and learn just why good people sometimes do bad things. And what is a bad thing, anyway? Register and find out!

Rene Hamlin holds a MS Non-Profit Management and Leadership. She’s been fundraising in Sacramento for over 21 years, and that’s only if you leave out her experience selling Girl Scout cookies! Since 2016, Rene has been Development Director at Snowline Hospice where she’s taking an active role in helping to broaden awareness of and support for end-of-life care options. When she is not helping people to develop and direct their personal philanthropy to impact the Sacramento region, she can be found hiking, kayaking and exploring Sacramento with her husband and friends. A fun but not widely known fact about our speakers is that she had a brief stint as a stand up comedian on the local scene, where she learned how to keep focused and calm despite the pressure of live performances.


Jeff Milde

(916) 302-4440

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