The AFP CFRE Refresher Course

The AFP CFRE Refresher Course: California Capital Chapter

Who should attend?
This intensive, two-day program is designed for fundraising professionals with 5 or more years of experience. This may include executive directors, vice presidents/directors of development, program managers and special event coordinators for local nonprofits and foundations. Staff members of university development offices may also be good candidates for the course. 

Program Description:
About the Course: The AFP CFRE Refresher Course is an intensive (2-day, 16-hour) program intended to provide development professional an opportunity to review the six knowledge domains of the CFRE exam. The course is not presented in a lecture format; rather, it is a combination of a high- level review, self-exploration of knowledge and peer exchange of best practices – all of which are facilitated by a knowledgeable fundraising practitioner using a caselet approach. Full participation in the AFP CFRE Refresher Course is applicable for 16 points in Category 1.B – Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification.

The knowledge domains:

• Current and Prospective Donor Research
• Securing the Gift
• Relationship Building
• Volunteer Involvement
• Leadership and Management
• Ethics, Accountability and Professionalism

About CFRE Professional Certification Program: The Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) professional certification program, is governed and administered by CFRE Professional Certification Board, an independent international organization working with thirteen participating organizations, including Association of Christian Development Professionals, Association of Fundraising Consultants-U.K., Association of Fundraising Professionals, Association of Healthcare Philanthropy, Association of Lutheran Development Executives, Canadian Association of Gift Planners, Association canadienne des professionnels en dons planifies, Council for Resource Development, Fundraising Institute Australia, Fundraising Institute of New Zealand, International Catholic Stewardship Council, National Catholic Development Conference, North American YMCA Development Organization and Philanthropic Service for Institutions. The CFRE program offers fundraising professionals with five years or more experience an opportunity to earn recognition for their experience and professionalism.

The designation “Certified Fund Raising Executive” (CFRE) is a mark of distinction, providing heightened professional recognition and greater career options and earning potential for fundraising executives.

Candidates must complete a separate application for certification and submit all fees 60 days prior to the exam. No applications will be accepted less than 60 days prior to the exam.

If you are interested in taking the certification exam, please contact CFRE International to request a certification packet. Phone 703/820-5555; fax: 703/820-1117; or download from the website at

Participation in the AFP CFRE Refresher Course may assist you in learning or reviewing concepts covered on the Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) examination as detailed on the Test Content Outline provided by CFRE International. However, the AFP CFRE Refresher Course is not designed specifically as a prep course for the exam. It is designed to provide a review of concepts one should know at the five-year experience level.

AFP highly recommends that this refresher course be just one of the resources you use in preparing to take the CFRE exam. Your study should also include reading books that appear on the CFRE Resource Reading List.

More specifically, the AFP CFRE Refresher Course focuses on both
• refreshing the fundraising knowledge a professional already has, and
• identifying and helping to fill in gaps in fundraising knowledge.

So, this Course is a most important step in the process of preparing for the CFRE Exam. However –avoid relying solely on this Course and this manual during your exam preparation! Successful candidates often participate in follow up study groups and spend time on their own studying for the exam. CFRE International provides a number of excellent resources, including a candidate handbook, the test-content outline, and a list of reading resources (also provided as handouts as a part of the Refresher Course), available at A practice exam is also available on a subscription basis for periods of either 30 or 90 days: The practice exam does not provide the answers to the exam questions one will face; rather, it primarily helps one understand how the questions are asked and the degree of difficulty involved. We encourage participants to take advantage of these additional resources!

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