AFP ON, Golden Horseshoe Chapter Event: Empowering Fundraising Leaders: Strategies for Effective Leadership and Performance Excellence

May 7, 2024 | 8:30am - 3:30pm

Tips and Techniques to Evolve as a Leader – Moving from Tactical to Strategic

Tailored specifically for individuals working in the fundraising sector, this session offers practical insights and techniques in leading change, effective delegation, strategic communication, performance management, team building, and goal setting within the context of fundraising. Whether you’re a seasoned fundraising manager or an aspiring leader in the field, this workshop provides valuable tools and knowledge to drive success in your fundraising endeavors and advance your career in the nonprofit sector.

In the morning section of this workshop, you will be analyzing how you spend your time and identifying shifts you need to make. You will also be dissecting your approach to change and scoring your performance. You will determine how you could raise the score in both how you lead change and delegate to others. In the afternoon, you will be part of a three round simulation where you work as a team to put a 15 stick model together at ever increasing speed and out of it find applications to take back to the workplace.

Some key learnings from the session will include:

  • Explore the differences between being tactical and strategic and techniques to move yourself along the continuum
  • Determine how to engage others (volunteers, peers, direct reports) in the larger change initiatives you want to help drive
  • Analyze if you are delegating as effectively as you need to be to get the work done and develop others
  • Experience what it is like to be part of a high performance team though a compelling simulation and find ways to take insights back to the office

Presenter: Anne Bermingham, President of 2WA Consulting Inc.

Anne has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in applied social psychology. She trained at the graduate level, applying social psychology theories in practical ways in the business world. Anne has decades of proven success as an excellent communicator and facilitator. She is also a well-seasoned coach whose focused communication style ensures that 2WA’s clients understand and respond effectively during organizational change.


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