AFP South Eastern Ontario Chapter Event: The Art of Influence: Exploring the critical behaviors necessary to gain support for your ideas

February 21, 2023 | 12:00 PM Eastern

Influence is defined as the ability to affect the thinking or behavior of someone or the outcome of something. Influencing others can only occur when trust has been established between the parties. People need a reason to place their trust in you. Effective influence is tied to your reputation.

Influence requires integrity and in the language of today, “walking the talk”. It is very difficult to influence others when your behavior belies your verbal commitments. It is never a case of do as I say, and not as I do.

Join author Bryan Davies as he shares his knowledge of how to effectively influence others.

Drawing on his extensive executive coaching experience and years of leadership training as documented in his book Standing Four Square – Forthright Leadership, you will learn:

  • How personal insight is a critical aspect of influence
  • Why you need a well thought out plan
  • The importance of having a clear message, showing the value to others and being authentic


Bryan’s Bio:

Bryan holds an honours degree in economics from the university of Toronto and an MBA from York University. He has an MA in counselling Psychology from the Chicago Based Adler Professional School. His professional background included more than 20 years in the Canadian financial services industry including time as a Vice President in Human Resources with the CIBC. He was an associate client partner with Hay Group, now Korn Ferry for more than 23 years. Now semi-retired he continues to consult independently.


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