AFP Fundamentals of Fundraising eCourse 2.0 Is Here!

The all-new, recently-redesigned AFP Fundamentals of Fundraising eCourse 2.0 is composed of seven modules that have been designed by experienced fundraising professionals to meet the real-world needs and challenges nonprofit organizations face every day. You can purchase each module individually or get the entire eCourse at a discount!

This course includes case studies and video segments, making the learning experience both substantive and enjoyable. The AFP Fundamentals of Fundraising eCourse offers a complete overview of the development function, featuring the most current information and techniques.

AFP Fundamentals of Fundraising eCourse 2.0 is comprised of the following modules:

  • Module 1: Overview of Fundraising
  • Module 2: Developing an Integrated Fundraising Program
  • Module 3: Marketing for Ongoing Success
  • Module 4: Building and Sustaining Relationships
  • Module 5: Securing the Gift
  • Module 6: Partners in Fundraising
  • Module 7: Management & Accountability

What’s new for Fundamentals 2.0?

  • The entire eCourse has been rebuilt from the ground up, offering an all-new immersive experience.
  • A rebuilt eCourse means new content, new trends and new skills to help you step up your game.
  • Fundamentals 2.0 is now eligible for 16 CFRE education points in all, a great jump start for CFRE initial or re-certification and more than previous versions of the course.

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Module 1: Overview of Fundraising

A big-picture look at professional fundraising, including the important role philanthropy plays in organizations and key motivations behind why people give. Also included: the primary sources of contributions; what an integrated development program looks like and which essential components aid success; the fundraising profession as a career, focusing on key qualities for success and a basic path for personal and professional development in the field; an introduction to professional standards and ethics.


Module 2: Developing an Integrated Fundraising Program

To effectively raise funds for an organization's mission, it's important to have a comprehensive plan in place that articulates the organization's case for support and includes appropriate giving opportunities. This module covers the importance of connecting that comprehensive plan with the organization's overall mission and strategic plan. The module features an overview of campaign types (annual giving, major gifts, planned giving) with a focus on the key role of annual giving. Content will include establishing/ensuring that appropriate policies and procedures are in place to both ensure integrity of donor intent and to honor donors/volunteers in appropriate ways.


Module 3: Marketing for Ongoing Success

Communicating information about fundraising activities to appropriate audiences (donors and prospects alike) and keeping all stakeholders informed about the organization's progress is critical to ongoing and future success. Effective marketing is a key part of building and sustaining relationships for fundraising purposes. This module will cover creating a plan for marketing and communications activities that support development goals and strategies. It will also touch on the growing roles and importance of the Internet and social media in fundraising.


Module 4: Building and Sustaining Relationships

Relationships are the key to fundraising success, and successful relationships start with knowing current and prospective donors well. This module will introduce the powerful role of prospect and donor research, including identifying and segmenting prospects and donors according to appropriate variables as well as effective donor records management to support ongoing relationships. Finally, cultivation, establishing and maintaining relationships with individuals and organizations, and optimizing relationships to retain donors rounds out the module.


Module 5: Securing the Gift

Once the development plan is in place and appropriate policies and procedures are set up, it's time to actively solicit gifts from donors and prospects. In this module, a closer look will be taken at solicitation strategies for campaign types, focusing most closely on solicitation techniques for annual giving. Additionally, there will be an overview of techniques for soliciting major and planned gifts. Special emphasis will be placed on implementing critical acknowledgement, acceptance, and recognition practices.


Module 6: Partners in Fundraising

Fundraising just wouldn't be possible without dedicated volunteers supporting the organization's efforts. Establishing and maintaining a respectful relationship with volunteers is both art and science, beginning with how they are recruited. This module will explore effective ways volunteers can be recruited, trained, managed, motivated, evaluated, and recognized. As importantly, there are times when volunteers are best included in the development process to ensure they experience a sense of ownership in the organization's work and can effectively perform their roles.


Module 7: Management & Accountability

Fundraising is about more than soliciting donors and prospects, and the development office is responsible for managing the development plan. This module will present an overview of the management aspects of fundraising including budgeting, records management, gift processing, program evaluation, and the key roles and responsibilities of staff and volunteer leadership. The module ends with a look at accountability, basic legal requirements, and fundraising ethics in practice.

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