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The AFP Top Ten Fundraising Tips for the Week: Words to Avoid, Donor Acknowledgements, Lapsed Donors & More!

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Need some tips on how to do your job better? Or maybe just a reminder on some key skills, the insight on the latest research, and the latest, coolest ideas from the best minds in the fundraising profession?

Each week, AFP gathers the top blog posts, videos, articles and other resources to help you keep on top of latest trends and reach your fundraising goals. Here’s this week’s Top Ten:

1. Words to Avoid—2019 Edition (Big Duck): Guys? Stakeholder? Progressive? Vibrant? Lila Tublin thinks we can do a lot better with our choice of words in 2019.

2. Podcast: The Role of Donor Acknowledgements (Pursuant): Just how massively important is it to say "thank you" to your donors? Those two short words can have a massive impact. But, just how much...? Listen to Dr. Adrian Sargeant and Professor Jen Shang discuss their latest research on the subject.

3. If Your Board Is Bored With Planned Giving Try These Five Reality Checks (Stelter): A growing number of nonprofits are successfully using planned giving, and it’s often responsible for more than half of new capital campaigns. Planned gifts are also among the largest gifts a nonprofit will receive. So, if your board doesn’t seem interested in planned gifts, here are some ideas to redirect and recharge their thinking.

4. The How to Fundraise Without Annoying People Checklist (Queer Ideas): A humorous title? Yes. But the ideas are anything but. Well worth a read.

5. Five Step Field Guide to Nonprofit Marketing Campaigns (bloomerang): Nonprofit marketing communications is a bit like traveling abroad—it’s important to adopt a few rules. Why? Because external threats are not what’s going to get you. You’re much more likely to be felled by not paying attention to your own two left feet.

6. This Is What's Keeping Your Donors from Giving (Future Fundraising Now): Donors have to think their gift matters. But it’s a balancing act. If your donor thinks few others will give, or that lots of other people will give, they may think their gift doesn’t matter.

7. Crafting a Fundraising Plan for Your Nonprofit: Five Key Tips (G2 Crowd): It’s basic, but essential advice. When you build your fundraising strategy for 2019, make a conscious effort to strengthen donor relations with your past supporters.

8. Major Donors are Changing – Five Trends to Watch (Fired Up Fundraising): What’s going on these days with the most generous donors of all? How are they changing? They are less trusting, for starters. Gail Perry has that and four other trends about major donors.

9. Going, Going - Reversing Course on Lapsing Donors (Hilborn Charity News): Recently, Hilborn author Matthew Dubins asked a great question about lapsing donors. This led to a spirited and useful conversation which has been lightly edited for clarity.

10. No, it’s Not Like Sales! Five Common Myths About Fundraising (Inside Philanthropy): Fundraising isn’t sales, of course, but the myths continue. Holly Hall is convinced that most charities could raise a lot more money—if they worked to correct five common myths about fundraising.

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