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Louisiana Bill to Ban Professional Certifications Defeated in Committee

Work by AFP and other associations has led to significant changes to a Louisiana state bill that would have prohibited the use of professional certificates such as CFRE and ACFRE.

House Bill 748, the Occupational Licensing Review Act, would have restricted any references to “certification” or “licensing” for professional credentialing unless state law requires certification or registration to work in that field (e.g., the medical or legal fields). The broad nature of the bill would have meant that fundraisers who have earned the CFRE or ACFRE, or other fundraising or nonprofit-related certifications, would be unable to use such certifications in the state.

However, opposition to the bill from AFP, the American Society of Association Executives, CFRE International and other groups—through emails, phone calls and attendance at a legislative hearing—helped persuade lawmakers to change the bill completely.

During committee consideration, the original text of the bill was “struck” (eliminated) and new language inserted. Essentially an entirely new bill, House Bill 748 now simply requires the Governor to review on an annual basis no less than 20 percent of all occupational licenses in which the state has a board or commission that regulates the occupation.

The bill does not mandate any other action, and voluntary, professional certifications, such as the CFRE or ACFRE, are completely unaffected!

This is an important victory for associations and others that provide certification and licensing. However, AFP will continue to monitor the progress of the bill and will alert members if additional action is needed.

AFP thanks all of its members in Louisiana who participated in our grassroots mobilization by sending emails, calling offices and attending the committee hearing.

For a full copy of the current text of House Bill 748, click here.

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