Member Dues for 2023

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AFP board policy requires a review of the existing dues structure every two years. During the review, the Member Dues Task Force takes into consideration AFP strategic goals, current and projected economic conditions, impact on member services and overall financial impact and presents a recommendation to the AFP Global board.

This year, the task force was led by former AFP Canada Chair Paula Attfield. The task force members represented chapters from across the U.S. and Canada and collected feedback from chapters both big and small (and in between) and data from the AFP membership department. It discussed membership values, member expectations and the continuing impact of the COVID pandemic.

The AFP Global Board agreed to minimal automatic dues increases every two years. Accordingly, the Professional and Associate categories (roughly 60% of our total membership) will see just a two (2) percent increase in January 2023. In addition, the Retired, Business, Collegiate and e- Global categories will see no increase at all.

Young Professionals

A new graduated process has been implemented for Young Professionals to acclimatize these members and employers (who typically pay the dues) to the increase towards full membership:

  • Younger Than Age 27: Annual dues of $95 (chapters receive $30)
  • Ages 27 – 30: Annual dues of $175 (chapters receive $55)
  • Ages 31 and Older: Professional dues take effect

Nonprofit Organizational – Small

The budget criteria limit for Small Nonprofits will be increased from $1 million to $2 million while raising the fee by $10, an amount which would be fully sent back to chapters.

Nonprofit Organizational – Large

The minimum number of members required for a charity to become a Large Member will be lowered from 8 to 5. The per-member price will be adjusted slightly upward to $285, still lower than the individual Member rate.

Summary of Other Categories:

  • Professional: 2%
  • Associates: 2%
  • Retired: No change
  • Business: No change
  • Collegiate: No change
  • E-Global: No change

More details on the work of the Member Dues Task Force and the process it went through to reach these recommendations will be featured in Mike’s Tuesday Message that will be published on September 6.

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