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Information on this Web site is only intended as a search engine that is made available to the public. We will make every effort to keep this site current and to correct errors brought to our attention however, AFP makes no warranties, expressed or implied, regarding errors or omissions regarding speaker listings. This is a third party run Web site, designating each speaker as a third party. AFP cannot endorse any individual speaker listing(s), and cannot be held liable for the material(s) or action(s) provided by speakers in this database. AFP does not endorse, represent or warrant the accuracy or reliability of any of the information, content, advertisements or other information included in the speaker listings. Any reliance upon any information, content, advertisements, products, services or vendors included on or found through this database shall be at the user's sole risk.

Speakers designated as AFP Members and AFP Master Trainers have been subject to verification by AFP's membership database and confirmed. These individuals have signed the AFP Code of Ethics and agree to comply.

User FAQ's

1. What is the AFP Online Speaker Database, and how will it help me?

The AFP Online Speaker Database is a portal where you can search for a speaker to fit your speaking engagement/speaker needs. Whether you are seeking a speaker for your seminar, conference, course, gala, etc., the Speaker Database will help you find that specific speaker within your needs. You may search by region, credential(s), hot topic, or simply speaker name. The database will populate a listing within your search criteria in which more detailed information about the speaker(s) may be available, such as honorarium fees, presentation titles, previous ratings, references and more.

2. Is the AFP Online Speaker Database free to me, as a user?

Yes, you may search for a speaker in the AFP Online Speaker Database for free. For pricing on how to be listed as a speaker, please view the Guide Media Kit under Advertisers.

3. Can you suggest one speaker over another?

AFP does not endorse any of the speakers listed in this database. To help narrow your options you may want to check out the speaker's website (if provided), speaker listing description (which may contain information such as previous presentation ratings or references), or contact the speaker directly for more information on their speaking abilities.

4. What do the headings under each Category/Hot Topic stand for?

  • 0-2 Years Experience - Entry Level; 3-6 Years Experience - Mid-Level; 7-9 Years Experience - Senior Level; 10+ Years Experience - Advanced - These "levels" refer to the level of experience that the speaker can present to. For example, if you found a speaker under Annual Fund-3-6 Years Experience - Mid-Level, this speaker indicates that he/she could present to an attendance with 3-6 years' experience in Annual Funds.
  • AFP Chapter Speaker - This speaker indicates that he/she has, or is able to, present at an AFP Chapter event.
  • Author/Book - This speaker indicates that he/she is an Author/has a book.
  • International Conference Speaker - This speaker indicates that he/she has spoken at an AFP International Conference on Fundraising.
  • Webinar Speaker - This speaker indicates that he/she has, or is able to, present a Webinar/Audioconference.

5. What do the Advanced Filters stand for?

  • AFP Member - This filter indicates that the speaker is an AFP Member. 
  • CFRE - This filter shows that the speaker indicates that he/she is a Certified Fundraising Executive.
  • ACFRE - This filter shows that the speaker indicates that he/she is an Advanced Certified Fundraising Executive.
  • AFP Master Trainer - This filter indicates that the speaker is an AFP Master Trainer. An AFP Master Trainer is a speaker who has completed the AFP Faculty Training Academy. 


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