Are Diversity and Inclusion Ethical Issues?

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Charity scandals make sensational global headlines. A misstep in your community – or across the continent can cast a pall on the entire sector. AFP’s Code of Ethical Principles*, adopted in 1964, states “AFP members both individual and business aspire to foster cultural diversity and pluralistic values and treat all people with dignity and respect.” What does this actually mean in practice TODAY and how is it an ethical issue? Join our diverse panel of experts as they discuss how this principle is, and should be, applied in fundraising and philanthropy today and what does this have to do with ethics.

Participants will learn:

  • What are the baselines or universal principles that must be observed by every ethical fundraising professional in any organization regardless of culture or community?
  • How do we identify, assess and address cultural variables that may benefit from or require alternative approaches and solutions, but still remain within the baseline of ethical fundraising practices?
  • As either an internal or external member of a diverse how do we navigate and address circumstances or situations which may arise, while maintaining our commitment to ethical practice and sensitivity to racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, LGBTQ, religious, ability and other differences?
  • What sort of a commitment to diversity and inclusion is expected of a fundraising professional?

This webinar was supported through the Claudia A. Looney Fund for Ethics in Fundraising.


CFRE Focus Areas

Ethics, Accountability and Professionalism
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