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AFP Launches All-New Career Center Twitter, Salaries Shown in All Job Postings

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In October 2020, AFP announced the launch of its all-new AFP Career Center, requiring salary ranges to be listed with each posting. This announcement was made not only to make the process of posting and searching for jobs more accessible, but also to work toward promoting gender and racial pay equity within the charitable sector.

Today, AFP is proud to announce the launch of its AFP Career Center Twitter account. This account will allow you to search for jobs more easily. It also serves as another important way to promote equity within the profession, as salary ranges will be included in each posting.

Job postings with salary ranges receive roughly 30% more attention than postings without such information. They also set expectations from the beginning, ensuring there is no surprise about salaries and that neither party is wasting their time on a candidate or a position that doesn’t meet their financial or budgetary needs.

Transparency is a key principle in the AFP Code of Ethical Standards, and as we encourage and demand transparency in each of our relationships with donors and organizations, we also strive to promote transparency within the AFP Career Center and the AFP Career Center Twitter account.

Visit the AFP Career Center at, and check out the all-new Twitter account at @AFPCareerCtr.

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08 Dec 2023 Guides & Resources
08 Dec 2023 Guides & Resources
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