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Forming a New AFP Chapter

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AFP is a growing organization adding several new chapters each year. If you have interest in forming a chapter, please consider the following;

  • If no AFP chapter exists to serve the fundraising professionals in a particular city or region;
  • If an existing chapter has grown so large that its leadership wishes to organize a “spin-off” chapter;
  • If the metropolitan area which one chapter already serves is so sprawling that it could adequately support an additional chapter;
  • If a local fundraising group already exists and wishes to affiliate with AFP; or
  • If a group of fundraising executives feels their needs would be better served by having a chapter that is more local.

Forming a New Chapter Toolkit

  1. How to Begin Organizing your AFP Chapter
  2. Exploratory Meeting
  3. New Chapter Charter Process Preparation
  4. Preparing for the First Year
  5. Preparing Program Schedule
  6. Forming a New Chapter Checklist


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