AFP Canada, Ontario Golden Horseshoe Chapter: Elevate Your Virtual Presence

Ever wonder how you’re coming across to donors and prospects on your virtual Zoom calls?

There’s little tweaks we can all do that can make a big difference to how we sound,
our posture, and our overall presence.

In this one hour Zoom discussion, professional actress Nicky Guadagni will shine her perspective on the things we can do to enhance our presence during virtual meetings.

Key Deliverables:
• How to warm-up you and your voice for a fundraising call
• How to overcome some common challenges: Too fast? Not clear? Do you sound rehearsed?
• How to optimize your appearance, background, and surroundings on a zoom call
• How to tell your own stories with just the right amount of detail


Tracy Geoffroy

+1 905-685-1381

Elevate Your Virtual Presence
Thursday, September 23rd, 1 pm – 2 pm

AFP Members: $15 / Non-Members: $30


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