AFP Facebook Premiere: A Conversation With LGBTQ+ Fundraising Professionals


Facebook Premiere (June 16): A Conversation With LGBTQ+ Fundraising Professionals

AFP invites you to join us for a conversation with LGBTQ+ fundraisers on June 16 at 12:00 p.m. EDT. Join Kelsey DeForest, Joshua Tobing, Penelope Poppers and Sunil Oommen as they discuss what it’s like to identify as an LGBTQ+ individual in the fundraising and nonprofit sectors and how you can support the community all year long.

  • How do you negotiate being fully your authentic self with co-workers and donors who might be intentionally or unintentionally homophobic or transphobic?
  • How are LGBTQ+ fundraisers especially adept at reading signals, risk assessment and building community?
  • What are steps you can take as an LGBTQ+ fundraiser or ally to create a safer and more equitable workplace for LGBTQ colleagues not just during Pride Month but all year?

Please note: This event is free, requires no registration and will premiere on the AFP Global Facebook page (@AFPFan).

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Kelsey DeForest


Joshua Tobing


Penelope Poppers


Sunil Oommen


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