AFP Greater Toronto Chapter: The Pinkwash Problem: How to Integrate Activism, Diversity, & Inclusion into your Fundraising

At Rainbow Railroad, every June, we have a “pinkwashing” problem – where corporations seek to make donations to our mission for Pride, without directly engaging with the mission itself.

Many other organizations have the same problem – whether that’s casinos donating to Alzheimer’s programs while taking money from those with Alzheimer’s, Corporate Banks donating to Food Banks, or social media giants engaging with political advocacy.

This session will facilitate a conversation between participating fundraisers about how we can balance the need for advocacy, mission engagement, and donor support. It is not just possible, but advantageous, to learn how to integrate activism and advocacy into your fundraising – so let’s explore how we can do that.

Learning Outcomes

– How to integrate activism, advocacy, and engagement into traditional fundraising models

– When to consider refusing a donation on ethical grounds

– How to have difficult but necessary conversations with potential funders

– How to engage and educate funders on your mission and its importance – and making this a good thing!


Danielle McKnight


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