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AFP is committed to engaging young professionals and youth exploring philanthropy and building their fundraising careers. AFP recognizes the importance of outreach to young professionals in order to assure that effective and ethical fundraising is practiced well into the future.

Serving Young Professionals
To serve young professionals, men and women 30 and under working in development, AFP created the Next Generation Committee. The goal of the Next Generation Committee is to seek ways to engage, serve and support young professionals to help support success  and career development.

What's New

AFP Online Mentoring Program
Do you want an experienced AFP member to be your mentor? The AFP Online Mentoring Program provides access to hundreds of experienced members in various industries or in specific fundraising techniques and jobs. Find a person who can help you with your questions, today!

Find Your Peers
Want to join in a conversation with other young professional fundraisers across the country? Sign up for the AFP Young Professionals LinkedIn Group!

Tips for Young Professionals
As a young professional in the field of fundraising, it is important to remember that you are not alone. There are many members of the Association of Fundraising Professionals who are in your community and willing to help you find the resources for success. We hope these tips will provide you with a good place to start in your new career or to become more engaged with your profession and your association.

Tips for AFP Chapters to Engage Young Professionals
As the fundraising profession continues to evolve, it is important to help prepare future generations of professionals in our field. Based on feedback from the membership, a list of opportunities and resources has been compiled to help you develop or build upon an already existing program within your chapter.


Career Development
Want to know more about how to plan your career development? What kind of training you will need as you move forward? Then check out:

  • AFP's Professional Development Plan for Fundraisers - see Attachments

Everything You Need to Know About Certification
Start now to build your portfolio to become a Certified Fundraising Executive, the internationally-recognized baseline professional credential for nonprofit fundraisers.  Visit for more information.

Skills and Information to Help You From the Beginning:

Skills to Help You Understand and Communicate with Your Boss:



  • - The Chronicle of Philanthropy: News source for charity leaders, fund raisers, grant makers, and others involved in philanthropic enterprises.
  • - Young Non Profit Network: an organization that supports the growth, learning, and development of young professionals in the nonprofit sector.


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