Learning Pathways

AFP offers a variety of professional development programs to help fundraising professionals learn and grow at every stage of their careers. Most programs are eligible for continuing education credit toward the CFRE credential; some toward the ACFRE credential.

Consult AFP's Professional Development Pathway document to see how our professional development programming corresponds to your career level. The document provides a basic overview that we will continue to improve over time. Questions? Email us at ProfessionalDevelopment@afpglobal.org.

Professional Development Pathway

Note: As of 2018, AFP professional development programming will begin using the following descriptors for learning/content levels:

  • Introductory / Foundational — Focus on building awareness and factual recall of the subject matter. Appropriate for learners with limited experience of the subject area.
  • Applied — Focus on enhanced understanding and comprehension of subject matter. Appropriate for learners with some experience seeking to build on, apply, or otherwise enhance existing knowledge using content in practical applications to master the concepts.
  • ​​Strategic — Focus on application and implementation of highly technical, detailed, or theoretical subject matter.  Appropriate for learners with substantial prerequisite knowledge seeking updated information, perspectives, and debate over opposing or contradictory concepts.
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