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The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) is the professional association for development executives who work for nonprofit organizations. Renting the AFP membership list can offer your firm exposure to over 30,000 executive decision makers who are constantly seeking new resources, ideas and services, as well as professional assistance, to enhance and strengthen their efforts in raising philanthropic dollars. The AFP membership list is selectable by type of nonprofit, member type, geographic location, chapter, gender, and birth date.

Let’s take a brief look at AFP members.

AFP members are:

  • Mostly female (68 percent) while 30 percent are male
  • Highly educated—98 percent hold a B.A. while 43 percent hold a M.A. or higher
  • A good mix of newcomers to fundraising and seasoned professionals—51 percent have been employed in fundraising for more than 10 years
  • Mature professionals—65 percent are between the ages of 35 and 55 years old
  • Active fundraisers—86 percent personally solicited gifts for their organization and 50 percent solicited for other organizations as well
  • Interested in expanding their professional networks and continuing their professional education—85 percent attend one or more education programs tied to career advancement each year and the same percent attend one or more AFP meetings every month during the year
  • Always looking for information to do their jobs better

Roughly 30 percent of AFP members are chief development officers, 17 percent are agency CEOs with fundraising and other responsibilities, and more than 9 percent are program directors.

AFP members are involved with several business activities including nonprofit planning/marketing/management, proposals and grants, sponsorship, nonprofit law/ tax/accounting, ethics, capital campaigns and major gifts, planned giving, nonprofit boards, etc.. They wear many hats throughout the day. Furthermore, AFP members work in organizations across all segments of the nonprofit sector, with a high concentration in healthcare, educational and human services institutions.

For information on rental rates and a data card on selections options, click here or contact:

Candy Brecht
Senior List Operations Manager, MGI List Division

Marketing General Incorporated
625 North Washington Street
Suite 450
Alexandria, Virginia 22314-1764
Direct: 703.706.0383
Fax: 703.549-0697
Web: |

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