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AFP and GolfStatus Announce Continued Strategic Partnership

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(Arlington, Virginia) The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), the largest association of fundraising professionals in the world, has announced the third year of a strategic partnership with GolfStatus, the leading event management platform for charity golf tournaments and fundraisers. 

Nonprofit golf events powered by GolfStatus raised over $13 million in 2022, tapping in to the $4 billion golf helps raise for charity annually. GolfStatus helps nonprofits leverage this giving power by simplifying and streamlining golf events, helping organizations responsibly collect and manage donor data, securely process donations, engage supporters through a pastime they enjoy, and ultimately, raise more dollars to do more good.

Qualifying nonprofits can access GolfStatus’ technology at no cost as part of its Golf for Good program, which helps organizations committed to social good save resources while raising more money for their mission. 

“AFP and GolfStatus are both committed to helping fundraisers elevate their causes and make their events more inclusive, and that makes this partnership a natural fit,” said Mike Geiger, MBA, CPA, president and CEO of AFP.  “All of us at AFP are so pleased to continue to work with GolfStatus as an Impact Partner and look forward to the expertise and guidance they can provide to the fundraising community.”

By connecting golfers to important causes in communities and beyond, golf fundraiser powered by GolfStatus are instrumental in furthering inclusivity and bringing change to the golf industry.

“GolfStatus’ mission is to help nonprofits easily and effectively activate golf as a fundraising mechanism,” says Steve Mattern, vice president of operations at GolfStatus. “We’re honored to partner with AFP to further their core values of inclusivity and ethics in fundraising in the golf space.”

The AFP Partners Program provides participating organizations with year-round opportunities to engage the fundraising community and pursue corporate social responsibility through tangential support of the causes for which they work. Through thought leadership, marketing, content, and professional development channels, AFP Partners position themselves as industry leaders committed to advancing philanthropy and ethical fundraising worldwide. Their financial and programmatic support also enables AFP to develop highly competent fundraisers and educate the public on the industry’s ability to fuel societal change in critical arenas like education, healthcare, community development, equity and inclusion, and countless other missions. 

For more information about the AFP Partners Program, contact Chris Amos, senior director, business development, at

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Since 1960, the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) has been the standard-bearer for professionalism in fundraising. The association works to advance effective and ethical philanthropy by providing advocacy, research, education, mentoring, collaboration and technology opportunities for the world’s largest network of professional fundraisers. AFP’s more than 27,000 members in over 190 professional chapters raise over $100 billion annually for a wide variety of charitable organizations and causes across the globe. For more information, go to

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GolfStatus helps nonprofits leverage the giving power of golf to raise more dollars, engage supporters, and do more good. Its robust golf event management platform streamlines golf tournaments from start to finish to save time and enhance the overall event experience for golfers, sponsors, and golf facilities. GolfStatus combines powerful technology with practical golf fundraising resources and industry-leading support to make charity golf tournaments easy, approachable, and efficient for organizations of all types and sizes. Visit

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