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AFP Board of Directors Spotlight: Khaled Fasih, MBA

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Khaled Fasih

To help you get to know the members who will be representing you on the 2024 AFP Board of Directors, we asked our 5 new members to share with us background on their career paths, their advice for the profession, and their goals for their time on the board.

In this Member Spotlight, we interviewed Khaled Fasih, MBA, chief philanthropy officer at Misr El Kheir Foundation, who will be serving as the 2024 chapter president’s council representative. He shared with us how he got into fundraising and his involvement with AFP, including serving on several committees and speaking at events like AFP ICON. 

Q: How did you start your career in the fundraising profession and what led you there?
A: After many years in the pharmaceutical industry and after the Egyptian revolution in 2011, I decided to shift my career and join the fundraising function in Misr Elkheir Foundation, the largest NGO in Egypt, to better serve my country and people. 

Q: When and why did you decide to become an AFP member and how did you become a volunteer?
A: Fundraising is an art and science, so I searched for the most prestigious organization to start my fundraising learning journey. I joined AFP in 2012 and since then I attended almost all the ICONs and 2 LEADs. I also spoke at 4 of these ICONs. Being a member of the AFP Nominating Committee in 2017-18 was my first volunteer mission. Then I was keen to join different committees like the international development, marketing and awards, and ethical committees. Currently I am a member of the Strategic Planning Committee that will help shape the future of AFP. 

Q: What is one skill you think is invaluable as a fundraising leader?
A: Communications. Every fundraiser should have the talent to effectively communicate with all stakeholders; donors, granting entities, board, and colleagues.

Q: What is your favorite word? (only one word) How has this word influenced or inspired your career?
A: Learning. I am a passionate learner. Whatever I do, I must do it in a scientific and passionate way. I keep reading articles, attending conferences, and sharing knowledge with my colleagues and friends.

Q: What professional accomplishment are you most proud of?
A: Training and coaching and transferring knowledge to hundreds of young fundraisers all over Egypt always make me happy and proud.

Q: In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge facing the nonprofit fundraising profession today?
A: I think the unrealistic expectations of nonprofit leaders and demotivated fundraisers are our biggest challenge. 

Q: What is one goal you have for your time on the AFP board?
A: Helping make the AFP really a global organization where AFP members from all over the globe are heard and engaged.

Q: What advice do you have for other fundraising professionals, or people interested in getting into the field?
A: Join the AFP, be an active member, volunteer, and keep learning in a passionate way.

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