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January 2022 Issue

Dear President Geiger and Mr. Nilsen,

I just had to send this note, having just finished reading the latest issue of Advancing Philanthropy magazine. Though I always have good intentions, it’s rare that I take time to review anything unrelated to what I’m working on at the moment. There are always things that need to be accomplished relative to identification, cultivation, solicitation and stewardship of prospects and donors. Don’t get me wrong—I love fundraising and always excited to see what the next day brings, but I tend to place those other things in a pile, always with the intention of checking them out, later that day, week, month or year.

While I can’t tell you when I received the January 2022 issue, I do remember throwing it on top of a great pile of magazines, email information, notes to call back vendors, etc., etc. Today, as I was shuffling things around, this issue slid off on its own and sat there staring me in the face. I was going to stack it back up on my files, but the cover intrigued me, and drew me into checking things out.

As I turned to the table of contents, I found myself flipping from one story to another. I enjoyed them all, particularly your column “Your Constant in a Year of Uncertainty,” as well as the articles “The Rise of Cryptocurrency Giving,” “On the Horizon: Artificial Intelligence.” Though I wondered why the company Gravyty, wasn’t portrayed. My son worked with them on a public media study and found them both responsive and knowledgeable in this area. I also felt your “Making the Case for Planned Giving” section was simple and informative, and I plan to share this with the rest of my staff, along with everything else in the magazine.

So, thank you for presenting me with an outstanding magazine on fundraising. I promise to read future issues from cover to cover and am already thinking about how I can best use the information provided in front of me right now. Have a great day.

John A. Farkas, Ph.D.
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Mount Aloysius College

October 2021 Issue

Dear Khesia,

I want to compliment you, your staff and the contributing writers at Advancing Philanthropy on the quality and the layout of AFP’s member magazine.

The October 2021 issue was like a conference between two covers, such as the three articles near the front on Major Gifts, What Drives Philanthropy and Major Donors, and many more thereafter.

What makes them so useful is the use of subheads, bullet points, boldfacing, and of course the quality of the content.

Keep up the good work!

Dan Alpert

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