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The New AFP Website: Helping You Change the World

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A new website was one of my key priorities when I first joined AFP, and I’m thrilled that the AFP fundraising community now has a new online home.

Please, take a tour! Kick the tires and take the website for a spin. Hopefully you’re going to find that your new website:

  • Is easier to navigate through and find what you’re looking for;
  • Adjusts and displays seamlessly on your laptop, smart phone, tablet or any other device;
  • Reads easier with simpler formatting, accessible to all user capabilities;
  • Is brighter and visually pleasing, with more video and different ways to learn and receive information.
  • Contains the information you need to be successful in your fundraising. We’ve got nearly 1,000 distinct pages of information already on the site, with a great new search function!

If you are curious about the actual functions and features under the hood? Check out our FAQ.

Old 1980s computer brochureOur new domain name is, and is no more. Mostly because, well, the 1990s called and wanted its “net” domains back. But in all seriousness, AFP has members around the world, and reflects the reach and impact of our members. Plus, our mission is to support fundraising and philanthropy, regardless of geography, in whatever manner is most effective.

The change also extends to our email addresses. To reach staff now, just use So to email me and tell me what you think of the website, just use

I’m thrilled we have a new website, but let’s be real: Our new website isn’t going to change the world. But it IS going to change how we provide services to you, which in turn will help YOU change the world.

But beyond just providing you services and programs, the website represents how AFP has evolved and ultimately what we want AFP to be: not just a professional association, but your personal community.

AFP was formed originally in 1960 to create a code of ethics and provide education and training for the profession. Those are still critical roles for AFP to fulfill, as ethics and training lay at the heart of everything fundraisers do. You’ll see whole sections of the website devoted to ethics and professional development.

You’ll also discover entire sections devoted to policy and advocacy, including both the latest on legislation and regulations affecting fundraising and other aspects of nonprofit operations. You’ll see key parts of our website covering important initiatives such as inclusion, diversity, equity and access (IDEA) and our Women’s Impact Initiative. Our new site also allows us to effectively gather as much timely information (best practices, research, news, blogs and videos) and present it in an easy-to-read, understandable and interconnected format.

It’s not enough anymore to just raise funds in a vacuum and pretend that our causes are not affected by major changes in our profession, our society and our world. The philanthropic sector is a driving force and light that seeks to create amazing change and impact in the world, and fundraisers are a key driver of that. We are leaders—we are the impact profession—and what we do changes lives every single day!

So, you deserve a website that represents all of that—to connect you to the largest network of fundraisers in the world and ensure that you have the power and opportunity to be a leader, to grow your career, to raise funds successfully and to create impact for charitable causes across the globe.

Our mission is to give you the knowledge, tools, resources and inspiration to do just that!

Of course, we want to continue to improve this website and will be making changes and modifications almost daily to better serve you. This is just the start of something big, and we want to make sure we get it right. So, I welcome all your feedback—again, feel free to email me at and tweet to me at @AFPMikeGeiger.

Your new website is just the beginning of a big technology push at AFP and the first of several new member benefits and services. There’s more to come, including the official launch of our new online forums, and several important partnerships that will further enhance the value of AFP membership.

Thanks for being a member of the AFP community, and I hope you enjoy your new online home!

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