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Three Big Announcements: AFP 360°, AAUW Negotiation Training and Ethics Month!

Career Development: Your Fundraising Career
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Mike Geiger

For the latest development on these initiatives and revised launch dates, see our May 1 update:
Transforming You and Your Workplace—Three Big Announcements 

At the Opening General Session of ICON 2019, Mike Geiger, president and CEO of AFP, announced three major new programs and member benefits:

  1. AFP 360°, powered by Korn Ferry, a complete leadership development and career training program;
  2. Negotiation workshops offered in partnership with the American Association of University Women; and
  3. Ethics Month in October.

“Ever since I joined AFP, my focus has been on benefits to members,” said Geiger during his presentation. “I want AFP to deliver the absolute best value in services and benefits. Program that not only make a huge difference in your career, but in your life.”

AFP 360°, Powered by Korn Ferry

Korn Ferry is one of the largest and most prestigious executive search and management consulting firms in the world. Forbes Magazine recently ranked Korn Ferry as America’s Best Executive Recruiter for 2019.

AFP 360°, powered by Korn Ferry, is a comprehensive online tool that brings a number of career development options to members, all free of charge.

Some of the services AFP 360° provides include:

  • Creating a customized career plan based on your goals;
  • Coaching on networking strategies and approaches;
  • Offering psychometric test that scores you on key strengths, weaknesses and drivers, and then allowing you to compare yourself to others;
  • Providing access to a deep library of videos covering all aspects of career development; and
  • Using artificial intelligence to get immediate, real-time feedback on your speaking skills and delivery to prepare for a donor visit or a tough conversation with a colleague.

Starting May 1, members can sign up with Korn Ferry and get access to those tools and resources—and many more! Look for more information about AFP 360° in the coming weeks.

AAUW Negotiation Training

Geiger also announced a new partnership with the American Association of University Women to provide negotiation training and workshops to all member.

He noted that new AFP research found that gender accounts for a TEN PERCENT difference in salary. “That is unacceptable and must be changed,” said Geiger during the Opening Session.

The program will provide negotiating strategies and tactics that everyone can use and feel comfortable with. Negotiation is a conversation, not a confrontation, he noted.

“Now let me be clear,” said Geiger. “Negotiation is NOT the only way to fill the salary gap. It will take a lot of work and significant culture shifts in our sector. But through this kind of pro-active, relatively quick skill-building program, we can see immediate impact in our career and our lives.”

Members can begin to sign up for negotiation training on May 1. AFP and AAUW will be providing more information to members about the program throughout April.

AFP Ethics Month

AFP will also be designating October—the beginning of the fourth quarter of the year, often known as the giving season—to emphasize ethics and AFP’s Code of Ethics.

“We have such an amazing benefit: our Code of Ethics,” said Geiger. “But our challenge is that no one knows about it. But we’re going to change that. We’re going to put an emphasis on ethics in a way that’s never been done before.”

In October, AFP will be providing articles, webinars, and activities related to ethics every day of the month. The association will be encouraging members to engage their board, donors and volunteers about Ethics Month, and to share key messages throughout the month to colleagues and others.

Ethics is critical all the time, every single day,” said Geiger during the presentation. “But with the beginning of the giving season in October, it’s only right that we emphasize ethics at that time of the year.”

AFP will have multiple communications about Ethics Month throughout 2019 leading up to October. The AFP Ethics Committee is taking the lead on developing messages and activities, and members will hear more in the near future.

Helping Members Create Impact

The three announcements strengthen AFP’s promise to provide greater value to members. 

“We’re providing these great programs and benefits to you because we are your partner,” said Geiger. “AFP is your colleague—your extra staff member—to help you with all aspects of fundraising, your career and even your life, where appropriate. Raising up our community. Advancing our profession. Helping you create the impact that changes the world.”

A vide of Mike’s comments at the Opening General Session at AFP ICON in San Antonio can be found here.

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