Omega Circle Donors

The AFP Foundations for Philanthropy thank our Omega Circle members for their significant contribution to the future of philanthropy through planned gifts of $5,000 or more.

Reported as of  June 1, 2021

Mark S. Abner, CFRE 
Darcie Acton, CFRE 
Sandra A. Adams, ACFRE  
E. Cecilia Alatriz, CFRE 
G. Douglass Alexander 
*Jimmie R. Alford, CFRE 
Roger Ali, CFRE λ
Laura E. Amerman, CFRE
Helen B. Arnold, CFRE λ
Ron Bailey, CFRE λ
Michael J. Baker, CFRE 
Steve Baker 
William F. Bartolini, Ph.D., ACFRE λ
*Steve W. Batson, Ed.D., CFRE 
Margye S. Baumgardner, CFRE 
*Ted D. Bayley, ACFRE
Renaldo and Gloria Bellini
Dzenan B. Berberovic, CFRE
Daniel K. Biggs 
Patricia O. Bjorhovde 
Michael E. Blimes 
Kaija and Brian J. Bonde, ACFRE λ
Nelson Bowman, lll 
June J. Bradham, CFRE 
Dr. W. D. Broadway 
Alphonce J. Brown, Jr., ACFRE 
*Leslie W. Brown, CFRE 
Mary A. Brumbach, Ph.D., CFRE
Michael J. Buckley, CFRE
Timothy R. Burcham, CFRE λ
Birgit Smith Burton
Melinda Conway Callahan, CFRE 
Donald A. Campbell, Jr., CFRE 
*Ron L. and Pamela Carroll 
Bob Carter, CFRE λ
Robert I. Catlin, II 
*Ralph E. Chamberlain 
Barbara L. Ciconte, CFRE λ
Nancy and Thomas J. Clark, CPA, CAE
Mark Climie-Elliott, CFRE
Robert E. Corder, CFRE  
Sarah Cortell Vandersypen, MA, CFRE
Stephanie Cory, CFRE λ
Glen W. Cosper, ACFRE 
*Matthew S. Cottle, CFRE 
Shirlene Courtis, CFRE 
Tanya and David M. Coyne, CFRE λ
Robert J. Crandall, CFRE 
Mary Jane Crist, CFRE 
Sue L. Dagurt, CFRE 
*Mo Davies, CFRE 
Johnathan S. Davis, CFRE 
John W. Dawe, CFRE 
Eric Dean, FAHP, CFRE 
*Curtis C. Deane, CFRE, CAE
Bronwen Dearlove, CFRE
Michael Delzotti, CFRE λ
Jason R. Demers, CFRE 
David Disend, CFRE λ
D. C. Dreger, ACFRE λ
Heidi Droegemueller, CFRE
Vincent Duckworth, CFRE λ
Paul A. Dunne, CFRE λ
William A. Durkin, Jr., CFRE 
Gordon H. Durnan, Jr., CFRE 
Kathleen Elliott, CFRE
Leah Eustace, CFRE, ACFRE 
Lona M. Farr, Ph.D., ACFRE λ
Patrick J. Feeley, CFRE λ
Alice L. Ferris, ACFRE λ
Robert E. Fogal, Ph.D., ACFRE
R. Scott Fortnum, ACFRE, MA
Kevin J. Foyle, CFRE λ
Laura Fredricks
Gail Freeman  
Jay Frey, CFRE
Mary and Paul Gardner, Ph.D. λ
Amanda Gellman λ
Mary Jean Gilbert, CFRE 
Walter R. Gillette, III, ACFRE 
Marshall  H. Ginn, CFRE λ
Mark W. Glickman, CFRE 
Gary L. Good, CFRE λ
James M. Greenfield, FAHP, ACFRE 
Pati Greenwood, CFRE λ
Margaret A. Guellich, CFRE λ
Lori Gusdorf, CAE λ
Theresa F. Haenn, CFRE 
Ann M. Hale, CFRE λ 
Janet and Bill Hallett, Ph.D., ACFRE λ
Bill J. Harrison, CFRE 
William A. Harrison 
Theodore R. Hart, ePMT, ACFRE 
Lisa Wickman Harter
Lindsay Hartmann, CFRE
Robbe A. Healey, ACFRE λ
Janet L. Hedrick 
Bret Heinrich, CFRE
Doris H. Heiser, CFRE 
Gene M. Henderson 
Marnie Hill, CFRE λ
Suzanne Hittman λ 
Bob Hopkins 
J. Lloyd Horton, FAHP 
Susan Earl Hosbach, CFRE λ
Michael House, CFRE
John Huebler, CFRE
Dalit Dell Hume, CFRE
Alan R. Hutson, Jr., CFRE λ
Jeanne G. Jacob, CFRE, CAE
 and Richard G. Frank, CHA  
Janet Aldrich Jacobs, CFRE, CAP
Paula J. Jenkins, CFRE 
Virginia and Charles A. Johnson 
Donna and Richmond Johnson 
Ronda J. Johnson, CFRE 
Simone P. Joyaux, ACFRE 
Mridula Joyner, CFRE
Mark I. Kalish, CFRE λ
Yezdyar S. Kaoosji, CFRE
Christopher J. Kasavich, CFRE 
John Kelleher, CFRE λ
Milton Key, CFRE 
Audrey P. Kintzi, ACFRE λ
Martha and JR Kirkland λ
Amelia Ribnick Kleiman 
Shauna Klein, MA λ
Jeffrey Kost 
Deborah B. Lackey, CFRE 
Barbara Larkin λ
*Kay Partney Lautman, CFRE 
Val Lay 
Sharon LeeMaster, CFRE λ
William Leh, CFRE
Maurice Levite, CFRE, CAE 
Barbara R. Levy, ACFRE λ
Marjorie K and Stephen M. Levy, CFREλ
Patricia F. Lewis, ACFRE 
Tania Little, CFRE λ
Ellen Livingston 
Claudia A. Looney, FAHP λ
Janice Waud Loper, CFRE
Jay & Christie Love
Craig Lukatch
Harry Lynch, CFRE λ  
Martin and Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE
Patrick S. Madama, CFRE 
David J. Madson, ACFRE λ 
Paulette V. Maehara, CFRE, CAE λ
Arthur Makar, CFRE 
Bruce B. Makous, CLU, ChFC, CFRE 
Guy Mallabone, CFRE 
*Barbara H. Marion 
Joshua Marshall, CFRE
Grant E. Martin, CFRE 
Ken Mayhew 
Darius Maze, CFRE
Mark S. McCampbell, CFRE 
Sue McCoy, CFRE 
Andrea McManus, CFRE λ
Nivisha Mehta
Terry M. Mercer, CFRE λ
Karen Mercier, CFRE
Thomas W. Mesaros, CFRE λ
Sylvie Meyers and Michael
Ken Miller, CFRE
*John Miltner 
Joyce and Phillip Mitchell-Antoine,  CFRE
John C. Mitchener 
Ann H. Moffitt, ACFRE λ
Terry Monteleone, CFRE
Patricia A. Moran, CFRE 
William M. Moran, FAHP, ACFRE 
Luce Moreau, CFRE λ
Barbara H. Mulville, CFRE 
M. Anne Murphy, CFRE 
Richard A. and Colette M. Murray, J.D., CFRE, λ
*Milton and Jeanne Murray 
Paul and Diane Netzel 
Gwenn M. and Mark A. Neville, CFRE λ 
Edie Newton 
Joshua R. Newton, CFRE λ
Nicci Noble, CFRE 
Martin Novom, CFRE
Patrick W. Olenick 
Lori Hunter Overmyer, CFRE 
Kathleen E. Pavelka, CFRE 
Stephen E. Peeler, CFRE 
Frank W. and Jane R. Penick
Gail Perry, CFRE 
Karen Ann Petrucelli, CFRE 
Janice Gow Pettey, Ed.D., CFRE λ
James K. Phelps, ACFRE
Robert and Marion Pierpont - founding members
Brent Gary Chrles Platt, CFRE
Meredith Poland
Jane Potentier, CFRE
Rebecca A. Powell 
Jill A. Pranger, ACFRE λ
Kathleen A. Provost, CFRE 
Deborah Rabe-San Roman, CFRE 
Nancy K. Racette, CFRE λ
Debra Ramage, CFRE 
Roderick L. Reinhart, CFRE 
Carleen K. Rhodes, CFRE 
Susan F. Rice, Ed.D., ACFRE λ 
Patricia Rich, ACFRE λ
Jane E. and *Donald G. Rizzo, CFRE
Rolando D. Rodriguez, CFRE 
Karen Rotko-Wynn, CFRE λ
Gary E. Rounding 
George C. Ruotolo, Jr., CFRE 
*J. Patrick Ryan 
Steven M. Ryan
Marc S. Saffren, CFRE 
*Thomas W. Safranek 
Willits H. Sawyer, CFRE
David Schlakman
Cynthia L. Schmidt, CFRE λ
Gary Schrenk, CFRE
Martha H. Schumacher, CFRE, ACFRE,
 MInstF (AdvDip) λ
Becky and Philip G. Schumacher,
John J. Schwartz 
E. Ramone Segree, CFRE 
Robert L. Serow, CFRE 
Lynn Smith, CMP 
Vivian Ann Smith, CFRE
Roberto Soto-Acosta 
Del Staecker, ACFRE 
Scott C. Staub, ACFRE λ 
Dennis Stefanacci, ACFRE λ 
Nancy L. Stefani, CFRE 
*Charles R. Stephens 
Paul J. Strawhecker, ACFRE λ
Scott Stuckey, CFRE 
Don W. Taylor, CFRE λ
Eugene R. Tempel, Ed.D., CFRE 
Krista K. Thompson, CFRE 
LeRoy W. Tilt, III 
Steven L. Titlebaum, CFRE
Carol Van Natta
Robert E. Wahlers, CFRE 
Rita K. Wasmuth, CFRE 
Lucinda and Andrew Watt,  FInstF λ
Jan and Stanley Weinstein, ACFRE 
Jeremy R. Wells, CFRE
*David E. Wiercinski, CFRE λ
Jeffrey R. Wilcox, CFRE
Cathlene Williams, Ph.D, CAE 
Carme Williams, CFRE 
G. Patrick Williams, ACFRE 
Karen Willson, ACFRE
John D. Winnett
Julie Wirtanen, CFRE 
Amy Wolfe, MPPA, CFRE
*Ernest W. and Karen Wood 
Angela L. Young, MLA, CFRE 

* Deceased
λ Leadership Society Member

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