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Featured Resource: 7 Website Statistics to Guide Your Next Refresh or Upgrade

The top nonprofit websites take user experience (UX) best practices into consideration to create a better visitor experience through an iterative process. With this in mind, we’ve compiled some illuminating statistics to guide your website refresh strategy.

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04 Jan 2024
As a nonprofit professional, you understand the importance of keeping up with the latest tech trends. For example, over the last decade or so, you’ve likely embraced the art of online fundraising or text-to-give. During the COVID-19 pandemic, you learned to pivot your fundraising events to virtual...
Resource Ethics
20 Dec 2023
Van aquí algunas preguntas de reflexión que pueden servirles a ustedes en su organización: ¿Qué fue lo que mejor hicimos este año? ¿Qué contribuyó a que fuera excelente? Es una buena práctica celebrar lo bien hecho y anotar qué fue lo que ayudó a lograr esos buenos resultados, para así replicarlos...
08 Dec 2023
Successful nonprofits don’t just have talented staff, engaged boards, and other dedicated volunteers. Successful nonprofits work in a collaborative manner with each of these team members, leveraging their skills and networks for even greater impact. It’s as simple - and as complicated - as that. How...
07 Dec 2023
Whether you’re trying to fundraise for an upcoming event or simply spreading the word about your mission, raising awareness is one of your nonprofit’s core activities. Social media offers the perfect opportunity for you to market your cause more visibly and reach new audiences. Leveraging sites such...
Resource Cause-Related Marketing/Sponsorships
Sponsored 14 Nov 2023
With 90% of a nonprofit’s fundraising revenue coming from just 10% of its donor base , the impact that major donors can have on your mission is clear. Tracking major donor relationships ensures you’re keeping these critical supporters engaged, while also seeing how you can tap into their wider...
Resource Donor Relations/Stewardship
23 Oct 2023
Imagine this: The venue for your charity auction is fully furnished and decorated. Table centerpieces are in place and your item catalog is complete with a variety of enticing auction items. You have access to every marketing tool you need and a wide audience receptive to your event advertisements...
Resource Cause-Related Marketing/Sponsorships
16 Oct 2023
You can visit the links below for the resources needed for these LEAD 2023 meetings. Chapter Leader Sessions at AFP LEAD 2023 All Chapter Board members are welcome to attend all sessions All sessions are in the Imperial Ballroom. Breakfast 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Chapter Management Grand Ballroom Salon G...
16 Oct 2023
In the world of fundraising, myths often shroud the truth, creating unnecessary barriers and misconceptions. Capital campaigns are no exception. That’s why we recently surveyed a cohort of nonprofits across the United States and Canada, all in various phases of a capital campaign, to produce the...
10 Oct 2023
Continuamos con contenidos relevantes sobre los dilemas éticos a los que los fundraisers se ven enfrentados. En el mundo de la filantropía también surgen estos dilemas y el Código de Ética de AFP nos puede ayudar a la toma de decisiones, de ahí la importancia de conocerlo bien y de aprender de lo...
Resource Ethics
05 Oct 2023
In the nonprofit sector, we face ethical dilemmas every day, from our best practices as fundraisers to the ways we uphold or stand against the traditional norms of our work culture. For example, a young nonprofit leader recently confided in me about their struggles to have their contributions and...
Resource Ethics
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