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AFP Curriculum Framework

Career Development: Your Fundraising Career
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The AFP Knowledge Areas and Curriculum Framework lists competencies and skills of professional fundraisers as identified in AFP's Fundraising Practice Analysis Study.  In addition, it delineates the job roles and responsibilities of fundraisers and provides a set of educational objectives and learning activities to assist trainers, publishers, employers, and practitioners in developing educational opportunities most appropriate to specific audiences.  The document is bookmarked to allow the user to print only the sections needed.

The Framework is a powerful tool for ensuring the relevance of educational programs such as the AFP International Conference and local AFP chapter offerings. It will also be made available to publishers, academic programs and other providers to benefit the entire profession.

The AFP Knowledge Areas and Curriculum Framework is a work in progress. Staff and volunteers will continually update the materials with new learning activities and resources to respond to ongoing advancements in the field. We welcome your comments and suggestions for additions to the materials.

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